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The operation manual of 110 bar high pressure washer
- Jun 06, 2018 -

High-Pressure Washer



CAUTION : Do not use this device before reading the instructions.

1.  Safety Instructions

·    The appliance has been designed solely for private use outdoors and not for commercial use. Keep this appliance away from heat, direct sunlight, moisture and rain, ice and sharp edges.

·    Do not allow anybody that has not been trained to use a pressure washer to operate the machine without first reading the instruction manual.

·    WARNING: High-pressure washers must not be used by children or untrained persons.

·    Before starting your machine, carefully check for defects. If you find any, do not start your machine and contact your local distributor.

·    In particular, ensure that the electric cable insulation is in perfect condition and free of cracks. If the electric cable is damaged, an approved local service centre must replace it.

·    WARNING: Hi pressure jets can be dangerous if they are used incorrectly. The jet must not be directed towards persons, electrical equipment connected to the mains or the appliance itself.




·    WARNING: Do not use the appliance close to other people unless they are wearing protective clothing.

·    CAUTION: Do not direct the jet towards yourself or other persons to clean clothing or shoes.

·    Hold the lance firmly in your hands.

·    The operator and persons within close proximity to the cleaning area must take necessary measures to protect themselves from dislodged debris when in use.

·    Wear protective gloves and clothing during use.

·    WARNING: The appliance has been designed for use with a cleaning agent supplied or recommended by the manufacturer. Using other cleaning products or chemical products may affect the safety of the appliance.

·    WARNING: Disconnect the appliance from the power supply before carrying out any maintenance.

·    CAUTION: To ensure the safety of the appliance, only use spare parts supplied or approved by the manufacturer.

·    Do not use the appliance if the power cable or important parts of the appliance are damaged, for example, the safety device, high pressure hose and handgun.

·    Do not use the appliance with wet hands. If the appliance is damp or wet, unplug it immediately. Do not place it in water.

·    The tyres and valves on the tyres can be damaged by the high pressure jet and could burst.

·    Never use the machine in an environment where there is a danger of explosion.

·    It is forbidden to clean surfaces containing asbestos at high pressure.

·    This high-pressure washer must not be used in temperatures below 0 ° C.

·    CAUTION - The hoses, accessories and high pressure couplings are important for the safety of the machine. Only use hoses, accessories and couplings recommended by the manufacturer.

·    WARNING: Inadequate extension cables may be dangerous. Cables and spools must always be completely unwound to avoid letting the cable overheat.

·    If an extension cable is used, the plug and socket must be waterproof and conform to the requirements below regarding the length and dimensions of the cable.

·       1,0 mm ² max. 12,5 m

·       1,5mm²max.20 m

·       If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, their service agent or a qualified professional in order to avoid any danger.

·       WARNING: This machine is not designed to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capacities or whose lack experience or knowledge.

·       WARNING: It is advisable that you supervise children to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.

·       CAUTION – Risk of explosion – do not spray flammable liquids, do not direct the jet towards flammable liquids.

·       WARNING: Water that has circulated in the anti-backflow system is not considered drinkable.

·       WARNING: Do not use the appliance if the power cable or important parts of the appliance are damaged, for example, the safety devices, high pressure hoses and handgun.

·       WARNING: If you have an extension cable, it must be waterproof.

·       WARNING: When you switch on the machine, a recoil movement is produced due to the force of the water jet. Use two hands to control the lance.  Wear safety gloves when using the appliance. Wear suitable protective clothing.

·       In case of accidental contact with detergent, wash with water. If the liquid comes into contact with the eyes, also seek medical assistance (the detergent can cause irritations or burns).

·       In the event that the appliance breaks down, do not attempt to repair it yourself but contact a professional technician to avoid any danger.


Main power connection
The following must be observed when connecting the high pressure washer to the power supply:

·       Connecting the electrical connection should be done by a qualified electrician conforming to 60364-1 CEI

·       It is recommended that the electrical supply to this machine should comprise a residual current device which interrupts the current if the leakage current exceeds 30 mA for 30ms.








According to current guidelines, the unit must never be operated without a system separator on the potable water system. Use a EN 12729 type BA system separator.  Water that passes through a system separator is classified as non-potable.





Always connect the system separator to the water supply and never directly to the device!

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