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The filter structure of vacuum cleaner
- May 23, 2018 -

The filter structure of vacuum cleaner

Now many vacuum filters praise HEPA filter, indeed, HEPA filtration efficiency is really high. This apply to all of vacuum cleaner, such as wet and dry vacuum cleaner, industry vacuum cleaner, cyclonic vacuum cleaner, canister vacuum cleaner, etc.

But we need to pay attention to one problem: high filtration efficiency and rapid blockage. Soon you need to clean HEPA or replace it. Personally, I think the structure of HEPA is good. The bag can ensure that there is a good filtering capability and longer available time. The post HEPA can guarantee no two pollution. The concept of water filtration is also good. Especially: the HEPA in the HEPA. vacuum cleaner is actually a paper based multilayer filtration system.

Imported HEPA has a nominal filtration efficiency of more than 99.8%, and domestically produced 95%.

Domestic manufacturers are also useful for importing HEPA.

But don't be superstitious about imports. You've seen many imported HEPA products that are crude and overflowing.


High filtration efficiency means that HEPA plugging quickly - especially the fine dust.

HEPA can be reused after washing and drying through water.

But the washed HEPA is still blocked by dust because of the paper pores, or some pores are washed by water.

It has been damaged, and its air intake capability is decreasing rapidly. Generally, it will stabilize at a lower value after 10 times.

It is not recommended to use such HEPA for a long time, which will cause a serious decrease in the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner and damage to the motor.

Finally, the price of HEPA is relatively high.

Of course, if the filtration efficiency is too low, it will accumulate dust inside the vacuum cleaner and even inside the motor.

Dust bag: the most traditional filter material, the distribution quality and the paper quality, the paper quality is of course one time, the fabric can be used more and more, but it needs cleaning, and it is better with the SMS cloth. The filter efficiency of dust bag is medium level, about 70 - 80%.


Filter net: some small power vacuum cleaner usually selects the filter net structure, its filtration efficiency is the lowest one, about only 60%, but cleaning is the easiest, the random flush is OK.

Whirlwind structure: the latest popular structure, can rely on the centrifugal force to dust the dust box, reduce the burden of the filter, there is a certain role, but it is only auxiliary, filtering mainly depends on the filter.

Note: no matter what filter vacuum cleaner, suck the fine ash, the filter equipment is easier to plug, so sometimes see the dust bag is not much dust, the protector moves, it is not strange, it is normal - need to clean up (beat, clean). If you absorb small stones, the interested DX can test it, and keep the dust bag up to a maximum.

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