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The classification and characteristics of industrial vacuum cleaners
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of supporting or cleaning equipment commonly used in industrial production. It can be used for the collection of waste in industrial production, filtration, purification and sanitation cleaning of air. At the same time, it can be used with industrial production equipment to absorb dust and debris produced in production to ensure the cleanliness of working environment and the health of employees. Industrial vacuum cleaners, for example, are heavily used in the textile and chemical industries, reducing the risk of some occupational diseases. Industrial vacuum cleaners is mainly through the filter medium separation of solid and air, the common industrial vacuum cleaners on the market generally has a heavy filtration or double filtration, such as dry and wet dual-purpose for filtering material single filter filter type, dry type industrial vacuum cleaners is through the filter and double filtration system, filter bag filter, the general filtering accuracy is about 10 microns, through the film or the use of special material, can make the precision of 1 micron, often use non-woven fabric or polyester fiber needled felt filter cloth, through the different production process can keep the accuracy at about 0.5 microns.

Dry industrial vacuum cleaner: a vacuum cleaner that can only be used in dry matter, such as dust and iron. Filter by filter bag.

2. Dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner: this can be used in dry matter and can be used in liquid recycling, for example, water and oil. Water film or spray is used to effectively dissolve the dust.

3. Special industrial vacuum cleaner for precision machinery. This is a special industrial vacuum cleaner, which is used in many dust-free workshops.

4. Explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner: for industrial workshops where riot is required. With explosion-proof property, suitable for the cleaning of inflammable and explosive dust.

5. Welding vacuum cleaner: special for welding flue gas.

6. Textile vacuum cleaner: it is suitable for ultra-fine or ultra-light dust in textile factories.

Industrial vacuum cleaner power, strong suction, the motor has overheating protection, can 24 hours continuous work; The industrial vacuum cleaner has a large area, good material, long service life and high filtration precision. There is a manual vibration dust or automatic dust control device, and a more high-grade pneumatic anti-blowing device; Industrial vacuum cleaner has cyclone separator or baffle effective protection filter screen; The industrial vacuum dust collector has a bracket protection device, stainless steel material, very strong and large capacity. Some are free to unload and operate flexibly; Industrial vacuum cleaners have many accessories that can be used to meet different needs.

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