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The carpet is not just a vacuum cleaner
- Apr 18, 2018 -

The most simple, is to use a thicker towel around 45 degrees after soaking in warm water, don't too dry on the carpet, or fine rod elastic flap with the hand, make the dust and dirt from the rug ran to the hot towel, then washing towel, it can be repeated several times, finally will clean the carpet in ventilated place dry. If a stain can be applied to the stain with toothpaste, then wet it with water and rub it lightly with your hands. Use a clean cloth to dip in the detergent solution, rub a few, use clear water to rinse, dry, oil scale self - removal. How to clean carpet: carpet cleaning method 1: use vacuum cleaner everyday clean carpet the nap of the carpet is very easy to accumulate ash, vacuum cleaner is the good helper that deal with carpet dust. The carpet can be cleaned with a vertical vacuum cleaner first, the first step of dust removal; Then bring up the portable vacuum cleaner, the place where the ash is particularly serious, such as the tea table, the corner, the edge of the bed is carefully handled, the second cleaning is easy and thorough! Use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet must be timed and consistent! Long time do not collect dust, carpet surface can change color, metamorphize, once appear mildew point again clean, late! Carpet cleaning method 2: purify besmirch dry cloth paper drinks such as coffee, coke or juice stains caused by, you need to use dry cloth as soon as possible, or to get in front of the paper absorbs the moisture. Then, immediately go to the kitchen to pick up vinegar wet dry cloth pat on the stain, gently, carefully pat. In this way, the stain can be removed. Carpet cleaning method 3: warm water + vinegar to remove odour to add 4 cups vinegar soaked towel in 4 warm water, wring the carpet like this. Vinegar can not only eliminate the odor of pets, but also prevent the carpet from changing or fading. Then, wait to wipe finish, put carpet in ventilated place air dry just can. The same is true for the smell that comes from the long use of the carpet.

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