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Summary of the hand-held vacuum cleaner car vacuum cleaner
- Sep 03, 2018 -

Summary of the hand-held vacuum cleaner car vacuum cleaner

First, how to use the car vacuum cleaner correctly

1. Before using the vacuum cleaner for the first time. Install the accessories according to the instructions. Check the voltage and frequency of the power supply, and then turn on the power. Try o minutes, if the motor is not overheated, you can use it with confidence.

2. Before using the vacuum cleaner, look at the dust in the dust bag and remove it in a timely manner to prevent blockage of the air duct.

3. Before using the vacuum cleaner, the ground should not be sprinkled. At the same time, the sharp objects on the ground and the large dirt should be removed first. Otherwise, the blades, needles, mud fragments and other debris can be sucked into the vacuum cleaner to damage the machine. . Shape the service life.

4. Do not use the continuous use time for more than 2 hours each time to prevent the motor from overheating and causing damage. If the usage time is too long, it is best to interrupt it and let the motor cool down before continuing to use it.

5. When the car vacuum cleaner is started, do not put your hands and feet near the suction port. Keep away from pumps, stoves and radiation sources.

6. In the process of use, if abnormal conditions are found, stop immediately and cut off the power supply for maintenance.

7. The vacuum cleaner is used. It should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

Second, how many kinds of vacuum cleaners can be classified according to their functions?

According to the function classification, the vacuum cleaner can be roughly divided into the type, the wet and dry type, the carpet type and the waxing type.

1. Dry vacuum cleaners The vacuum cleaners are the vacuum cleaners described above.

2, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner in addition to the same performance and use as dry vacuum cleaner, but also absorb liquid or multi-aqueous foam dirt such as soapy water. The household washroom can be used to absorb residual water or liquid clear cockroaches after washing. It can also be used outdoors to remove fallen leaves or muddy water. This kind of vacuum cleaner adopts a bypass type waterproof motor ‘fan, which is more complicated than dry type. The vacuum cleaner has an input power of 200-500 watts and can draw 1o liter of water when wet. When dry, it can inhale about 14 liters of rubbish.

3, the shape of carpet vacuum cleaner carpet vacuum cleaner. A special brush is attached to the bottom, which is dedicated to cleaning the carpet. The angle between the bottom and the column portion can be adjusted to three positions to suit the operation in various situations. When you are in the lowest position, you can clean the bed and the carpet under the sofa. The noise of a carpet cleaner is slightly larger than that of a dry vacuum cleaner.

4, the Saki vacuum cleaner waxing vacuum cleaner is equipped with 2~3 plays at the bottom, the suction mouth is located near the brush. When waxing, the dust brought by the rotating brush is sucked up. The suction of the vacuum cleaner is mainly based on waxing.

Third, what kind of vacuum cleaner is better?

What kind of vacuum cleaner is better used, vacuum cleaners can be classified into the following types according to their use:

1. Shoulder: It is the largest portable type. It is actually a miniaturization of vertical and horizontal vacuum cleaners, weighing about 2 kg. When in use, it is very convenient to use a belt to carry the vacuum cleaner on the shoulder and use it to clean the ladder. The power consumption disk does not exceed 400 watts and the suction power is about 30 watts.

2. Rod type: The whole vacuum cleaner is shaped like a stick. The main components such as the motor are mounted on the stick. The upper end of the stick is the handle, and the lower end is the suction port. It can clean low furniture such as sofas and corners of the wall. No need to bend over, it is light and effortless.

3, portable. It is a vacuum cleaner for vehicles that is directly used in the hands. It is simple in construction, generally does not contain hoses, consumes less than 300 watts, and has a suction power of less than 45 watts. It is mainly used for cleaning sofas, clothes, bedding, drawers and bookshelves, as well as vacuuming dry cars.

4, micro-type: different shapes, the structure is very simple, no accessories, power consumption 1 to several watts, using dry batteries for power, flexible use, but the suction is very small. It is only used to clean the clothes, so it is also called the coat. Wearing a uniform with a long mouth and a gray dust is not easy to remove. As long as you use a coat brush to gently brush, the dust will be sucked away, and the effect is better. Therefore, this kind of coat brush is very popular in the northern cities where my gas gorge is dry and the sand is more.

Fourth, the vacuum motor should have several major features

A good vacuum cleaner must have a good "heart" or electric motor. So what are the other characteristics of a good motor?

1. It can be used for both AC and DC: Due to this characteristic, the scope of use of the vacuum cleaner is greatly expanded. It can be used not only for households but also for places with DC power sources such as automobiles, trains and ships. When using DC power, it is a DC series motor.

2. High running torque: It is known from the general motor principle that the vacuum cleaner motor adopts a series excitation type and has a larger motion torque than the excitation type. At the same time, its starting torque is also large. The sump is activated almost at no load, so the start-up time is very short.

3. High speed and small volume: The suction of the vacuum cleaner is generated by the motor driven fan. In order to increase the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, the speed of the motor must be increased. At present, some vacuum cleaners, regardless of the size of their power, the rated speed of the motor is designed to be at a high speed of 20,000-25,000 rpm, which is the speed that can not be achieved by general induction motors. Only AC/DC series-excited motors can be used. . Increasing the rotational speed also makes the size of the motor small, so that the vacuum cleaner can be reduced in weight, reduced in size, reduced in temperature rise, and reduced in manufacturing cost. These advantageous factors are particularly important for household vacuum cleaners.

4. Mechanical characteristics: The mechanical characteristics of ordinary motors are very soft. When the load torque increases, the speed of the motor decreases significantly. This soft characteristic is especially suitable for the working characteristics of the vacuum cleaner. When the air blower of the vacuum cleaner runs at a high speed, an instantaneous vacuum is formed in the vacuum cleaner, so that the load torque of the motor is reduced, and the motor speed is rapidly increased due to the soft mechanical characteristics, and the increase in the rotational speed causes the vacuum degree of the vacuum cleaner to further increase. Repeatedly, the final blower load is balanced with the motor shaft power to maintain the suction of the vacuum cleaner at a higher level.

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