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Spin mop, microfiber floor spin mop
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Spin mop, microfiber floor spin mop

The rotary mop is a new type of mop, which is different from the traditional mop and is able to rotate. By using the principle of centrifugal force generated by rotation, a bit of manpower is used to dry the mop like washing machine.

The rotary mop is easy to use, light and flexible, easy to clean, hands completely stained, away from stains and sewage, and even ground debris.

brief introduction

The rotating mop is easy to use, light and flexible. With the continuous improvement of the design technology of this mop, the service life is greatly increased, and the normal use can be used for 1 to 2 years. Good quality can be used for more than 2 years.


1. the new dehydrating device also adopts ergonomics design principle, and it can also control the dry humidity of the cloth automatically. Unique cotton head fiber, water absorption and decontamination, wear-resistant and antibacterial, and does not scratch all kinds of floor. It's easy to make your home beautiful, fast, comfortable, healthy and reasonable.

2. the new rotary mop head can be rotated at any 360 degrees. The latest washing device, gently pressing, cleaning cotton head is easy and simple and reasonable. It will not scratch all kinds of floors or other clean surfaces.

3. unique spin drying function, easy to keep mops clean and tidy.


The revolving mop is a new type of mop, which can overcome the shortcomings of all the past mops, and make it easy to take, easy to use, easy to clean, clean hands completely without contamination, away from stains and sewage, even the ground debris is easily attached; the rotating mop has super water absorbability, rotating mop attached dehydrating bucket, centrifugal force principle, If you pedal lightly, you can quickly throw the water away! The mop head of the rotary mop is made of specially made superfine fiber. The super absorbent property ensures that there is no water stain on the mop.

The advantages of a revolving mop

1. the appearance of the rotary mop has made many housewives save a lot of effort. Sweeping tools such as mops have always been indispensable.

2. compared with the ordinary mop, the rotary mop has stronger water absorbency, so long as it rotates, it can throw away the water and is loved by many people. Below, Xiaobian summed up the characteristics of the rotary mop. Of course, there are other advantages of rotary mops. We need to find and develop them slowly.

Matters needing attention

The choice of a rotating mop is a very important choice. The floor of the house is almost completely controlled by it. The basic principle is to use the mop to help the family. For the convenience of next time, we should also pay attention to cleaning and maintenance after using the rotary mop, so as to maintain the service life of the mop.

Rotation mop selection seven principles:

1. The handle is not easy to fall off and turn.

2. The mop surface has a good water absorption

3. The shavings of the moped mop are not shavings

4, the mop is easy to twist dry water

5. The mop is easy to remove dirty, clean and not adhere to dirt

6. Different functions are selected to choose different functions

7. The home space is not occupied.

8, a small number of high-end rotary mops, with labor-saving transmission device.


1, after use must be scrubbed clean and dry dry place ventilation, to avoid odor and odor.

2. When the mop has peculiar smell, it can use diluted bleach water to clean the mop.

3. When the hair on the mop is sticky, you can use the brush to help clear it or wait for the dry time to use sticky tape to remove it.

4. The mop with finer material is not suitable for ground stains used for heavy oil dirt, which is not economical and easy to wear.

5, in order to keep the house clean and clean, the mop head should be changed every two to three months.

6, with the use of detergent, weight can not be excessive, otherwise easy to remain, affecting the life of mops.


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