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Simple inspection check list of vacuum cleaners
- May 23, 2018 -

Simple inspection check list of vacuum cleaners

The most basic, open the vacuum cleaner switch - if it is a knob-type adjustment switch, respectively to the maximum and minimum, press the switch, and then press the button to detect whether the switch failure.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner switch, do not block the mouth, listen to the motor noise.

Block the mouth with your palm and feel if the mouth has a lot of suction. At this point, the motor sound becomes high and check the air flow tube or indicator light for action. If the machine is equipped with a bleed valve, the bleed valve should open and emit a strange sound. Be careful not to clog the mouth for too long.

Check whether the vacuum cleaner wheel rotates flexibly without any noticeable shaking.

Check that the dust box or front cover is open, closed, and locked tightly. If the front cover can be locked in the free state, the bottom cover of the dust box should be able to open automatically due to gravity when the corresponding button is pressed. If the front cover can be smoothly closed, it is in the best condition.

Check HEPA or dust bag for damage.

Check attachments, focusing on checking whether the telescopic tube is flexible; the suction mouth connected to the wind brush, the floor brush is operating normally, the sound is normal, but can not be different (this can only be heard in the future) . If you have to use it, check whether the lower strap can be used.

 If you have a reel, pull the power cord all the way out, and then take the line three times to check for an abnormality. The more segments you take up, the more difficult it is to collect, and the simplest one-time income. From the general to the final stage, because the weight of the plug is the most difficult to receive, hand gently holding the power cord, can earn income is also barely passed.

Check whether the metal parts have rust and the coating is peeled off; if the gap between the plastic parts is too large or uneven, even if it is not installed, the plastic parts can not be short of material and scratched; the paint color is uniform and does not fall off.

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