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Scrubber dryer, sweeper
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Scrubber dryer, sweeper

The sweeping vehicle is an integrated garbage cleaning car, which combines cleaning and vacuum. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low cleaning cost, good cleaning effect, high safety performance and high economic return. It has been widely used in the cleaning of the roads in the large and medium cities.

Part of the Scrubber dryer, sweeper is equipped with sprinkler function to prevent dust from cleaning process and cause two environmental pollution.

Working principle

1. The working principle of vacuum Scrubber dryer, sweeper:

The front end of the vehicle is equipped with two swirling brushes. As the vehicle walks forward, the brush will take the rubbish and sand on the ground in the middle of the vehicle, and use the vacuum suction head of the vehicle to suck the garbage and sand into the waste collection box on the vehicle.

Scrubber dryer, sweeper


2. The working principle of roll brush type Scrubber dryer, sweeper:

A roller brush is installed at the bottom of the vehicle. When the vehicle is moving forward, the sweeping brush will direct the garbage and sand on the ground to the waste collection box on the vehicle. In addition to the previous scavenging brushes (main scavenges), this type of Scrubber dryer, sweeper and most of the supply will be equipped with one or two small swirling brushes (commonly referred to as brushing brushes) so that the garbage and sand of the roadside are swirled and carried to the trunk brushes at work. Then, let the main body sweep the brush and sweep the rubbish and dust into the waste collection box.

Efficiency cost

1, high efficiency, sweeping 9800 square meters per hour, equivalent to 20 artificial cleaning efficiency.

2, the operation time is long. Once a battery is charged, it can be used for 8 hours continuously and 70000 square meters continuously.

3, the use of low cost, only 3 yuan a day electricity charges, vulnerable parts are cheap, only two times a year.

4, the price is low, it is the 1/3 of the imported equipment abroad.


5, an electric Scrubber dryer, sweeper can replace 20 cleaning workers, and the machine investment can be recovered within six months.

Example: a cleaner's salary of 800 yuan / person / month

800 yuan / person / month x 20 person x 6 months = 96 thousand yuan (excluding social security).

6, good management of mechanized operations is not a problem of recruiting people and raising wages.

7, mechanized operations enhance corporate image and create a beautiful environment.

8, machinery instead of manual cleaning is an inevitable trend in the cleaning industry and a revolution in the cleaning industry.


Traditional answer: sweeping cars are used to sweep the floor, washing cars are used to clean and dry all kinds of ground.

Professional answer: sweeping cars can not only solve difficulties, but also provide users with more profits.

Industrial Scrubber dryer, sweeper can solve the following problems:

1. People's health problems in a dusty environment.

2, environmental indicators required by national laws or local regulations;

3. Premature damage caused by dust or rubbish.

4, the problem of dust pollution in the workshop.

5. The problem of dust removal from stationary or mobile machines in the production workshop.

Industrial Scrubber dryer, sweeper can bring greater profits:

1, sweeping and vacuuming system for sweeping cars is equivalent to 6-40 times manual labor.

2, reducing the degree of dust pollution to the environment (saving time and financial resources, reducing the appearance of the product by manual cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of mechanical equipment, and periodic environmental sanitation, etc.)

3, improve work efficiency, at the same time, improve the work enthusiasm of the operator;

4, a good and clean environment not only improves the image of the city, but also is conducive to the construction of urban culture and the enthusiasm of citizens.



Generally, classification is usually done by way of walking, operation or dedusting.

1, hand driven Scrubber dryer, sweeper and handbag

2. Unpowered Scrubber dryer, sweeper

3. A self-propelled Scrubber dryer, sweeper

4. Clean sweep car

5. Scavenging Scrubber dryer, sweeper


6. Pure suction floor Scrubber dryer, sweeper (multifunctional full suction Scrubber dryer, sweeper).

The pure suction floor Scrubber dryer, sweeper is a famous brand new high-tech product in China, which has no two dust pollution and is superior to the traditional road Scrubber dryer, sweeper. The vacuum cleaner adopts the principle of negative pressure and pure suction, which consists of the dust absorption system, the first dust collecting box, the two dust collecting box, the dust recovery system, the hydraulic system, the electronic control system and the walking system. It has the advantages of wide dust absorption range, high suction rate, no two times the suction mouth, no dust discharge from the vent, and high efficiency. Cleaning and material recovery of the preferred product. It is suitable for the industrial and mining enterprises with dust, high concentration and high density, which can easily produce dust pollution. It is suitable for the rapid cleaning and cleaning of urban elevated, fast road and bridge and tunnel. It is suitable for cleaning and cleaning of urban trunk road, high grade highway and expressway.

Features of multi-function and full suction Scrubber dryer, sweeper:

The multi-function and full suction Scrubber dryer, sweeper is a new product developed by the patent technology. It has changed the traditional way of the scavenging brush of the previous cleaning car with the disk brush, and all the air flow is used to complete the operation, and the dust collection and the garbage collection can be stored by the air flow. Sweeping vehicles can effectively reduce dust pollution, improve air quality, reduce the content of inhalable particulates in the air, and improve people's living environment. Its characteristics: full suction dry scavenging car, all with air flow completion, blowing and suction combination, no two times the dust, without water without water, saving energy, dry suction, car once, clean ground, clean effect, from dozens of microns of dust to the general small stone, tree leaves and other debris can be effectively cleared, The cleaning efficiency is above 98%; the structure is simple, the wearing parts are few, the use and maintenance are convenient, the operation is simple, and the use and maintenance cost is low.

7. Dry Scrubber dryer, sweeper (vacuum car)

Dry Scrubber dryer, sweeper is a new road Scrubber dryer, sweeper, with no brushes and no water, all airflow operations, the principle of aerodynamics, all using air flow, no brushes, no water spray, no dust, no two dust, the wide use of dry sweeping car will greatly reduce the content of respirable particles in the air. The problem of serious dust pollution is solved thoroughly. It is a modern new environmental sanitation product with environmental protection and energy saving. The environmental protection technical index of this product is higher than the national industry standard.

8. Wet Scrubber dryer, sweeper

9, full suction Scrubber dryer, sweeper

10. Multi function Scrubber dryer, sweeper

11. A large Scrubber dryer, sweeper

performance comparison

1, high efficiency: it can sweep about 8000 square meters per hour, and the area of the same operation is greatly shortened.

2, low cost of cleaning: electric Scrubber dryer, sweeper can replace 12-15 manual cleaning, saving a lot of manual wages, welfare benefits and coping with rising wages.

3, the cleaning effect is good: the electric Scrubber dryer, sweeper adopts the combination of sweeping and suction, which is much cleaner than traditional manual cleaning.

4, high safety performance: let the cleaners live in a safe environment (too many vehicles on the road, and manual cleaning is not safe enough).

5, the economic return is high: take a Qingyang electric sweeping car for example, spend more than ten yuan per day (charging, consumables, wear), if it is more than 10 people, wages and welfare and so on at least 1000 yuan, but also to invest in the basic cost of cleaning tools and operating costs.

Domestic application

After decades of development, China's Scrubber dryer, sweeper industry has developed from a single pure sweep to a variety of types, and the performance and quality of the products have been improved rapidly. Especially after the reform and opening up, the performance and reliability of the products are greatly raised through the import of key outsourcing parts. However, there is still a certain gap between the level of road Scrubber dryer, sweeper and the developed countries in China, especially in terms of product reliability.

In order to improve the level of our road Scrubber dryer, sweeper as soon as possible, reduce the gap with the level of the advanced country road Scrubber dryer, sweeper, meet the requirements of the road cleaning operation in China's sanitation department, the scavenger production enterprise should choose a suitable research direction for the scavenging car.

With the development and progress of the society, the vacuum cleaner which is no longer satisfied with the simple sense will put forward more requirements from the aspects of multi-function, environmental protection and economy. The market calls for the vacuum cleaner which can meet all kinds of demands.

Under the above circumstances, our domestic related manufacturing enterprises have continuously developed a series of cleaning and cleaning equipment, which have been formally put into the market. All kinds of sweeping vehicle products that can apply to different environments are sold to the large and medium sized cities all over the country. The cleaning and cleaning of the ground after cleaning and cleaning of the teeth is suitable for the cleaning of various weather and different dry roads. It is more suitable for cleaning and dedusting in places such as square, highway, residential district, parking lot, dock, airport, station, cement plant, power plant, underground garage, Park, factory area, industrial park and other places. And the city environment has made a great contribution.

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