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Robotic vacuum cleaner, Sweeping robots
- Jun 09, 2018 -

Robotic vacuum cleaner, Sweeping robots

Sweeping robots, Robotic vacuum cleaner also known as automatic cleaning machines, intelligent duster, robot vacuum cleaner and so on, are one kind of intelligent household appliances, which can complete the floor cleaning automatically in the room by virtue of a certain artificial intelligence. In general, brush and vacuum methods are used to absorb the ground debris first and enter the garbage collection box, thus completing the function of ground cleaning. In general, robots that finish cleaning, vacuuming and wiping are also classified as sweeping robots.

The sweeping robot/ Robotic vacuum cleaner was first sold in European and American markets, and gradually entered China with the improvement of living standards in China.


The fuselage of sweeping machine is wireless machine, mainly disk type. Operated with rechargeable batteries, the operation is operated on remote control or operation panel on machine. Usually you can set the time to make an appointment to clean up and recharge yourself. A sensor is set up ahead to detect obstacles, such as walls or other obstacles, to turn on their own, and to follow different vendors, take different routes, and plan to clean up the area. (part of the earlier model may be lacking part of the function) because of its simple operation and convenience, it has become popular now and become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families. [1]

Today, robotics is becoming more mature, so each brand has a different direction of research and development, with special designs, such as double dust cover, hand-held vacuum cleaner, dustbox, washable and trailing, aromatics, or photosterilizing.


The fuselage is a removable device with automatic technology, and a vacuum cleaning device with a dust collecting box, setting control path with the fuselage, walking repeatedly in the room, such as cleaning along the side, sweeping, sweeping, straight cleaning and so on, and reinforcing the cleaning effect with the edge brush, the central main brush rotation, the rag and so on. In order to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.


Ontology: different brand designs will have different appearance.

Rechargeable batteries: mainly nickel hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, but lithium batteries usually have higher unit prices. The battery charging time and usage time of each manufacturer are also different.

Charging seat: can provide robot vacuum cleaner home to recharge.

Dust collecting box: different from the general vacuum cleaner's paper bag, dust boxes are available for collecting dust. It can be roughly divided into two types: 1. central dust collecting box 2. is placed in the rear end dust collecting box.

Remote control: control of robot vacuum cleaner or control on fuselage.


Classification of clean system

First type: single mouth type

The single inhalation cleaning method is useful for floated ash on the ground, but it is not ideal for cleaning up the ash accumulated on the table and the electrostatic adsorption of dust. (the design is relatively simple only one suction port)

Second kinds: middle brush pair

It has good cleaning effect for large particles and carpet, but it is slightly worse for ground dust treatment, and better for European home environment. Dali's stone floors and wood flooring are poorly cleaned.

Third kinds: lift V brush cleaning system

With Taiwan model as the representative, it uses the lift V brush floating cleaning, can better apply the brush system to the ground environment, relative to the electrostatic adsorption dust cleaning more in place. (the entire V brush system can automatically lift and form vacuum negative pressure in the triangular area).

Classification of detection systems

1, infrared sensing

Infrared transmission distance is far, but it has a high requirement for the use of the environment. When the light color or dark home items can not be reflected back, it will cause a long collision between the machine and the household items, and the household items at the bottom will be bumped by it.

2, ultrasonic biomimetic technology

Using bionic ultrasonic technology, similar to whale, bats use sound waves to detect household goods and space orientation, with high sensitivity and high technical cost. It has a systematic application in the aviation industry.

Matters needing attention

With the improvement of the level of life, the cleaning robot has been used more and more easily because of its simple operation and easy to use. It has become an important member of the small household appliances and is very popular. However, if the operation is careless, it will also cause a fire. Here, we should remind you to pay attention to fire prevention in the process of using the sweeping robot.

The following points should be paid attention to:

First, do not use damp in the wet environment, so as to prevent the motor from wetting and short circuiting. If it is not dry wet dual-purpose robot, never absorb water.

Two, do not breathe matches, cigarette butts and other inflammable items into the sweeping robot.

Three, the use time should not be too long, if the fuselage overheated, should stop for a little time to re-use. Prevent the motor from overheating and burn down.

Four. It is strictly prohibited to use sweeping robots in dangerous situations of inflammable and explosive, so as not to cause fire and explosion accidents.

Five, the sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging seat after each work, and wait for the next scheduled appointment to start automatic cleaning. If we do not use the sweeping robot for a long time, we must pull the power cord out of the socket, remove and arrange the sweeping robot battery, and store it in a dry place.

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