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Requirements on the structure of the vacuum cleaner
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Requirements on the structure of the vacuum cleaner:

This is suitable for wet and dry vacuum cleaner, industry vacuum cleaner and all kinds of household vacuum cleaner

1 the lack of height along the surface and space:

Charged (conductive) part: North American standards are less than required, most of them are 2.4mm or 3.2mm. The European standard EN60335 standard requires that CLASS I A should at least 4/3mm (4 indicate that the surface is stained, the 3 represents the space), and CLASS II is at least 8/8mm. Motor: the distance between the rotor coil (enameled wire) and the skimming steel sheet can not be less than 2mm spacing. Carbon brushes and conductive solder or metal brush frame, rectifier (commutator) and the bracket spacing must be more than 4mm, the carbon brush dust will affect the surface, the space distance is high, the improper design of insulation paper and paper will also affect the distance of the surface space. The opening and crevice of the product shell must be paid attention to its structure and size, and the improper design will affect the distance along the surface space (the charge part is greater than 8mm, wire 4mm). The distance between the fixed position of the inner wiring line and the opening and the gap must be more than 4mm, otherwise the insulation casing must be added to the motor coil, the copper sheet, the bracket and so on.

2 the internal wiring is not well fixed, especially the general solder joints must be added extra fixed or welded, and must be secured with strap.

3 the polarity of L (FireWire) and N (neutral line) are reversed when connected.

4 North America requires outlets, switches, protective parts, etc. must be controlled or passed through the fire line (L).

The use of 5 point glue: European regulations do not allow the use of glue to fix the internal wiring. The United States and Canada safety regulations can be used, but it must be certified glue.

6 control the fixed mode of the rotation. The length and color of the grounding wire. The requirements of the shell plastic material. Clasp cannot resist tension test.

7 by measuring the finger measurement, the motor or its rotating parts will be touched.

8 the protective shell can be removed without tools, so that the spacing can even be affected by charged bodies.

9 transformer non Safety Isolating Transformer (safe isolation transformer), that is, the one or two side has not reached the requirement of double insulation or strengthened insulation, even if the voltage is lower than 42V, it is also considered as a dangerous voltage, not as SELV (Safety Extra-low Voltage).

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