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Portable industrial rechargeable vacuum cleaner
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Speaking of charging industrial vacuum cleaners may feel unfamiliar. In fact, a rechargeable industrial vacuum cleaner doesn't have to be connected to an alternating current, working on its own battery. Rechargeable vacuum cleaner into the suction fan, battery pack, ChuChen room, hose and hard tube and different shapes of suction, it has a high vacuum electric fan, after electrify in electric fan under high-speed operation, the instantaneous vacuum is formed within the machine, make the internal air pressure is much lower than the outside world, in this under the action of pressure difference, dust and dirt with ChuChen indoor airflow into the cleaner, repass set filter filtration, grime on the effect of centrifugal force fixation of dust in the garbage can, after purification, the air outlet after the machine body, so that the cycle work. The working principle of the wet and dry cleaner is different from that of the ordinary vacuum cleaner. When the dust, air, and water are sucked into the machine, the heavier water is rotated at a high speed, and then the water is thrown into the bottom of the tank. The lighter dust and air pass out of the ventricle and enter the filter to filter the dust (the cleaning principle of the vacuum cleaner is through the inhalation).

Plug-in industrial vacuum cleaners using range is very wide also, such as square, elevator, the station and trains and aircraft, can match in three rounds of electric sanitation vehicle use, cleaning hands holding a vacuum tube can put the rubbish to the car bins to absorption, it can greatly reduce the labor of workers and garbage. Some large conference rooms and workshops, especially in the absence of power and power supply inconvenient environment, can highlight its superiority.

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