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MOP knowledge
- Jun 16, 2018 -

Mop knowledge



Magic mop products common problems:


1: why does the mop plate do not turn?

Answer: when mop the floor, the mop bar will drop at 35 degrees and the ground will rotate freely.

2: how to change the head of the mop?

Answer: with a foot on the mop, cotton handle, hold the mop bar vertically and pull up OK.



The maintenance knowledge of the mop


Choosing a mop is a very important choice for family matters. The floor of a family's floor is almost entirely controlled by it.

Pick and grasp the basic principles and use mops to become household responsibilities. Remove dirt from the ground and use it for the convenience of the next time.

After mop, attention should also be paid to cleaning and maintenance so as to maintain the service life of mops.

• the seven principle of the choice of mop

The 1. handle is easy to handle and not easy to fall off

• 2. mop surface water absorption

• 3. mop shavings

• 4. rag is easy to wring dry water

5. mop is easy to remove dirty, clean and not adhere to dirt

(6.) choose different functions from different needs. For example, under the furniture, the slot is smaller, and the flat type mop mop can be selected.

Cloth can be removed and washed like magic cloth mop type.

• 7. home space storage is not occupied: when the space area is small, choose a composite mop with simultaneous drag function.


[notice of use of mop]

1. in order to extend the efficiency of mop use, it is better to remove hair and dust before sweeping the floor.

2.2. mop trailing direction as far as possible along the floor texture, it is easy to remove dirt, to achieve clean results.

3. 3. cleaning mop can be washed with flowing water better. If there is any habit of using floor cleanser, it will be dirty.

The mop can wash the dirt off under the tap, then immerse it in the bucket with detergent, then dry it and mop the floor.

4., we should pay attention to the use of various types of mops, and improve the efficiency of mops using some methods, such as some cotton foam.

Before making use of the mop, it is necessary to use water before it can be used, or some electrostatic cloth mops need to be sprayed with electrostatic liquid.

4.5. use mop to wipe wood floor, try not to use high water mop, such as sea cotton mop. Wood floor table

The pores of the mask are easy to absorb water, causing the floor deformation to be fragile and shorten the life span.

5. [mop maintenance]

6.1. must be scrubbed and cleaned and placed in the ventilating place after finishing, so as to avoid odour and odor.

7.2. mop can be cleaned with diluted bleach water when it has peculiar smell.

8. when the hair on the 3. mop is sticky, brush can be used to remove or wait for drying and then tape sticky.

9.4. mop with finer material is not suitable for heavy oil dirt. It is not economical and easy to wear and tear.

Take the term of use.

10.5. in order to keep the house clean and clean, the mop head should be changed every two to three months.

11.6. should not be too heavy if it is used with detergent, otherwise it will be easy to remain, which will affect the life of mop.


How do you choose the mop?

There are many mops in the supermarket. Choose more. It's hard to make up your mind. My home is a tile floor, if it is towed

If the water is not good enough, it will be wet and wet. It will not be easy to hang out after a while. It will not only slip easily, but also step on it.

The place is the footprints. Therefore, I have bought and used many kinds of mops. Maybe my experience is for your reference.

1) cotton and cotton swab: This is the most traditional mop, which is cheap. Cotton materials prefer dry,

To be more precise, it can show its advantages on the cement floor. The cotton tow head is attached to it once it is wet.

It's hard to clean up the hair, wipe it out, rub it somewhere else, and print it. The black print is not clean. Clutter

On the mop, a mop is carried to the floor and then swept. So the cotton mop should be dragged as far as possible. And before the ground,

It is best to clean the floor hair or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. During the time of Shabu Shabu, you have to wring the water with your hands and die.

2) superfine fiber material mop: superfine fiber material mop is more expensive because of its special technology.

The flat type trailer can touch the ground vertically and change the parallel contact between cotton and the ground. Because of "intimacy" with the ground

Contact, which produces static electricity by friction, clears the dirt in the crevice more thoroughly and erasing it almost without any wear.

The net ground can also be used for polishing and waxing. But it is always felt that this mop should be more suitable for wood flooring.

3) collodion cotton mop cotton glue has strong water absorpency. Before sweeping the floor, it does not sweep the floor.

Dust, sand, hair, do not hurt the ground. When using, hands must be clean and clean without water and dirt. In particular, the replacement of glue

The mop of the cotton head is economical and affordable. The drawback is due to the restriction of shape (bar), which can not be used to narrow the gap.

In fact, any material mop should be cleaned with neutral detergent. As a cleaning tool, you must clean it yourself.

Disinfect water to disinfect. But not all the mops can get the sun. General superfine, nonwoven, and collodion materials

If the mop is to dry and bask in the sun, the material will shrink and deform, and the adsorption effect will also weaken. The cotton mop is to be exposed to the sun

Yang, because for a long time, the mop will lose its hair and smell. Oh! Also, the mop should not be piled as much as possible

On the ground, the flat mop is best towed up, while the thin bar should be hung up to allow the mop to breathe and breathe fresh.

Air. As we all know, the mopping mop is best. If you do not use a rubber mop, I will teach you a trick.

If you are afraid of sprinkling water on the dry mop, the water is always not well controlled. You can spray the mop with a watering pot, so that the mop doesn't work.

Wet is just right. The ground that has been dragged is wired and dried. There is no watermark yet. When there is a condition, you can match your needs.

Put two mops, a flat type dry towing, a thin strip wet towing, and the towing head can best rotate at 360 degrees, so that it can clear away.

The dead corner. When choosing a mop, it depends on whether there is a mop head matched with the same product. If it's not a product of the same kind, it's very good

It can't be installed. My family now uses a magic mop that can be folded and squeezed. Its advantages are: 1) if you are home

It's a marble or tile floor. This mop is a great tool for washing the floor. If the house is inadvertently running water, broom,

The dustpan is too late. As long as you use this mop to add a basin or bucket, you can repeatedly absorb and absorb water on the ground.

It's easy for you to do it. 2) if you have kittens and puppies, losing your hair during the season will be a big headache for you. Native product

This product is especially suitable for absorbing fine broken hair and paper, and the hairs that are often swept out of high-rise buildings.

As long as the wet mop is squeezed out of the water, sweeping in the room like sweeping the floor and putting the dirty tow head into the bucket.

If you rinse in the room, you can get all the fine wool in the room.



English Translation: Mop tools for mop the floor. From towing head, clamping rod, pull rod, connecting rod, handle, iron handle, etc.

Form。 At present, there are more and more kinds of household cleaning products. When people choose, they always feel that there is something missing.

It's right. Let's take a mop. It's one of the most important weapons for cleaning up.

Many. Facing all kinds of mops on the market, which choice should we choose? Which is the best price ratio? If, you

There is no time to do the same thing. Let's take a look at the reporter's personal experience.


Rubber mop features:

The cleaning head made of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) glue has a super absorbent capacity of ten times that of a general sponge.

It is easy to operate. When cleaning, soak the sponge in water and pull several pull rods. After placement, the adhesive head can be naturally dried and hardened to prevent bacteria from growing. This mop can clean floors and walls as well as clean floors. The feature of multi-functional floor cleaning machine is that this machine has been wired off the traditional mop. At the bottom there are three brush heads that can be rotated at high speed. Cleaning agents can remove stubborn stains effectively.  Moreover, the machine also has functions of dust absorption, wax polishing and polishing. Characteristics: this kind of mop is very popular in recent two years. The mop head subverts the traditional round head, and adopts flat panel design to make the floor and ground fully stressed. The mop is made of two kinds of cloth, namely fine cotton yarn and ultra-fine fiber, which is easy to erase the dust in the gaps and corners. Nowadays, many products also have a set of card towels. They can easily install all kinds of old towels to wipe the floor, and can also install special towels to wipe windows and windows.


Cotton swab characteristics: low price, mop rods are divided into three kinds of plastic rods, wooden poles, metal rods. The head of the mop is tied up by water absorbent cotton strips and cotton lines. This kind of mop is also clean, but it is more troublesome when cleaning, and some of the cloth has not strong water absorption.  Water absorbable fiber mop features: in recent years, a manufacturer has improved the head of the cottons, using a absorbent fiber cloth, with a bucket and a wring device, so that the operation of the mop is convenient. This kind of mop is light, small, exquisite, effortless, effortless and efficient.


Use of double drive mop

1, first, remove the upper and lower bars of the mop and engage the card bar to ensure that the pole is forced to tighten. 2. A new cloth plate

On the ground, the head of the mop head is aligned with the disc and pressed down to make a tight noise. 3. Or tread with the toes,

To make a close sound. 4, that is, easy to complete the replacement of the cloth disc. 5. Put the mop vertically into the cleaning tank of the dewatering bucket.

Gently move up and down to clean the cloth. 6. After cleaning, put the mop in the dewatering barrel and gently put it in. (cut off)

Do not press down again) 7. Switch off the switch. 8, please keep the mop bar and the dewatering tank vertical, gently up and down.

Pressure, start to accelerate about 3-6 times. 9. When the dewatering tank is completely stationary, adjust the mop bar to the right height.

Lock up the sky lock to complete the cleaning and dewatering of the mop. 10, lower the mop bar (please turn the mop bar to the screw.

The 90 degree direction and the lower pressure pole) are suitable for cleaning the bottom of sofa or cabinet.


Precautions for double drive mop

1. After cleaning, put the mop in the dewatering barrel and gently put it in. (do not press down again) 2. After use, please

Place products in spare places to avoid trampling and extrusion.

How to choose a mop

Choosing the appropriate mop for cleaning work can raise the efficiency, performance and value to the climax. Wet mop fiber

The types are: Cotton - effective and affordable, suitable for general floor cleaning in industry and commerce. High water absorbency to the floor

Dry and loose。 It is easy to be attacked by bacteria, causing yarn decay and shortening product life. Blended fiber - high fusion efficiency

The advantages of long life. Cotton fiber has strong water absorbency, making the floor easy to return to dry. Synthetic fibers, such as rayon, are very strong

Water absorbability, and no need to debug. Other synthetic fibers such as polyester can strengthen the toughness and durable life of mops. some

Some special blend fibers are mixed with antibacterial agents to prevent premature rotting. Rayon - no pepper residue and oil.

It is mainly used for special applications such as flooring and waxing. Although it has very strong water absorbency, it can absorb seven times the dry weight.

Water, but the ability of artificial silk to retain moisture is very low, so it is not suitable for general cleaning.

How to change the head of a sponge mop

It's very simple. There's one card inside and one side on the side. First, get Cara out, then pull it to the middle and unload it.

Coming。 It's all right to unload the other half. My home is my own unloaded.

Does wooden floor often use mop cloth to wipe the floor in daily life? Should it be maintained?

The main points of laying and maintenance of solid wood flooring (1) floor should be laid in the later stage of construction, and no cross construction should be allowed. As soon as possible after laying

Grinding and painting. So as not to stain the floor or to deform the tide. (2) before laying the floor, it is advisable to unpack and lay it on the laying site 1 ~

2 days, so that it can adapt to the environment, so as to avoid shrinkage and deformation after laying. (3) moistureproof measures should be done well, especially

A humid occasion, such as the bottom. Moistureproof measures include moisture-proof paint, moistureproof film, bedding treasure and so on. (4) keel

It should be smooth and strong, and must not be reinforced with cement. It is better to use expansion bolts, nail and so on. (5) the force of the keel should be chosen

Strong Larix, willow and other wood. The moisture content of keel or wool floor should be close to the moisture content of the floor. Spacing of keel

It is too large to be more than 30 centimeters. Both ends of the floor should be placed on the keel, not empty, and must be placed on each keel.

Nail the nail. Water based glue shall not be used. (6) the floor should not be laid too tight. There should be enough expansion joints around (0.5 ~).

1.2 cm), and it is not suitable for wide width laying. In case of wider area, it should be cut off and repressed. (7) floor

There should be a thorough separation and moisture-proof measures at the juncture of stone floors such as offices, toilets, and kitchens. (8) the chromatic aberration of the floor is not

It can be avoided, if there is a higher requirement for chromatic aberration, it can be sorted in advance, and gradual transition should be adopted to reduce visual outburst.

Change sense. (9) avoid washing with water in use to avoid direct drying of the sun and air conditioner for a long time.

Avoid hard rubbing. To protect the floor, wax can be painted on the surface.

The effect is better). Maintenance of solid wood flooring. First, maintain 1. waterproof solid wood flooring, the most afraid of water. Stay out of the window in summer

The rain accumulated water. In winter, keep the heat in the house. If you accidentally leak the water, even a small amount of tea must be timely.

Wipe with a soft cloth, keep it dry, so as not to promote luster, or even cause warpage, cracking, mildew. In the room

Water returning to the cement floor is moist (which is the most easily occurring case in the bottom room), resulting in mildew, deterioration, warping, swelling and oil.

The problem of lacquer stripping and color variation must be solved first, and then refurbishing and replacing floors. 2. fire prevention

Extinguished cigarette butts and matches can not be thrown to the ground at will, electric stove, rice cooker, electric iron, electric iron and so on.

Do not put them on the front of the flammable and hot proof cushion, otherwise, they will easily burn the wooden floor. Can't wipe out gasoline

Dust and dirt on the surface can prevent static electricity from causing friction and cause fires. 3. damage resistant solid wood flooring is also easily damaged. That is,

It makes the smallest grit, which is easy to wear away from the surface of the earth for a long time. If there is ash

The gravel should be wiped in time with a semi - wet and soft cloth. It is best to put on the average prize slippers and enter the room without bringing the gravel into it.

Do not wear shoes with nails, iron shoes and hard bottom leather shoes to move around, so that their surfaces are operated. Rough, heavy, and high hardness

The goods must not be dragged on the wooden floor. When placing, the cushion should also be cushions.

Articles with edges and corners should not be placed directly on the wooden floor to prevent operation. In case of operation, it should be repaired at any time. repair

In order to make up for the time, no matter whether the nails are arranged, the specifications are in form, or the color of the paint should be restored to the original form.

The floor is uncoordinated and inconsistent, which affects its overall beauty. 4. anti fouling solid wood floor is also afraid of dirt. as

Fruit is the general dirt left by water-soluble substances. It can wipe off the floating dust first and then dip the soft cloth into strong tea and water.

Or the orange peel water soaked with orange peel. This will remove dirt and restore the rash of paint film, if it is a phlegm or mouth.

The dirt that is not easy to remove, such as balsam, oil paint, etc., must not rush to wipe with petrol. The reason is already mentioned above. Must be young

The nature of dirt cleaning is decided by different methods and different detergents. For the lack of understanding of its chemistry

The nature of the cleaning agent can not be used at will, so as not to react with the paint to cause the floor damage. Do not use

Easy to damage. Do not use scraps or tools to damage the paint film to scrape shovels. Experts and masters should be consulted to decide how to deal with it

The plan. Two, maintain 1. Anti Dirt every two or three months, you can play the floor wax on the floor. Before the wax,

Dust and scale should be removed first, then use a clean soft cloth with no hair to dip into wax, from the edge of one side of the wooden floor.

Beginning, in turn on the plate to do ring-shaped rubbing. After evenly rubbing it, wipe it with the original Rag (no longer dipped in wax).

The edges are erased once in accordance with the above plan. The waxed floor surface is clean and refreshing.

It can also protect the paint film and retard aging. 2. after three or five years of lacquer painting, the paint can be used.

The same kind of paint on the board will paint the floor again. In addition to dust removal and scale removal before painting, fine water scrub is also applied.

Paper, dipped in warm water, gently grind the surface of the board, remove the residual oil on it and rub away the last paint.

Small lacquer particles. After polishing, wipe it clean with a clean rag and paint it. So the floor after the paint will be more

It is smooth, cleaner and brighter. The daily cleaning of composite wood floor is very simple.

Use semi wet cloth and mop to wipe, then notice that the mop should not be too wet.  There is a layer on the surface of the composite wood floor

Very thin crystal three oxidation two aluminum wear resistant layer, wear resistant layer damage will cause damage to the floor, therefore, such as composite wood flooring

If you are contaminated by nail polish, ink, wine and so on, you should clean it immediately with nail polish remover and other cleaning agents.

Do not use sandpaper to polish and use chemicals such as cleaning agents carefully. Do not waxing or painting to prevent damage to the surface wear resistant layer. If part of the Department

When composite wood flooring is damaged, it is necessary to remove the damaged part and install it according to the installation procedure.

The adhesive parts of the old bar should be removed after handling the sub junction parts. Maintenance of cork floor 1, cork ground

The maintenance of the board is simpler than that of other wooden flooring. In the course of using, it is best to avoid bringing sand into the room, with individual sand grains.

The floor is not worn out by taking in. Because the sand is pushed into the elastic layer at the foot when it is brought in, and when the footsteps leave, it is also

It will be popped out. Of course, it should be reminded that it is not suitable to bring too dirty and too many sand grains, which will cause flow wear.

The sand that is brought into the room should be removed in time. There is no need to install vacuum cleaner or worry about warping and mildew.

Phenomenon. 2, three or five years later, if there is wear elsewhere, you can make up for it locally, that is, add it locally.

The method of coating is simple. Use abrasive paper to grind away the dirt on the surface, then use dry soft cloth.

Wipe gently, re coat the coating, or place a polyester film on the part. 3. The cork ground for the surface paint

Its maintenance is the same as that of solid wood flooring. A cork on the surface with a resin wear-resistant layer

The floor is as simple as the nursing of the compound floor. The maintenance and maintenance of bamboo flooring are commonly used and maintained correctly.

It is very important to hold the beautiful and durable bamboo flooring. In recent years, with the development of bamboo processing industry, the use of bamboo flooring is becoming more and more important.

More and more households, consumer recognition of this product is increasing. But because some of the users are on the bamboo floor

There is little understanding of maintenance. Therefore, problems arise during the use process and complaints often occur. In this case

Next, it is necessary for manufacturers to do well in after-sale service, and consumers need to know the use of knowledge so as to safeguard the interests of both producers and sellers.

In the daily use of bamboo flooring, we should pay attention to the following points: (1) keep indoor ventilation and dry environment regularly.

Indoor ventilation can not only make the chemicals in the floor evaporate as far as possible, but also make them moist indoors.

Air and outdoor exchange. Especially in the absence of habitation and maintenance for a long time, indoor ventilation is more important.

The usual practice is to open windows or doors frequently, to make air convection, or to use air conditioning systems and ventilation systems.

In order to create a clean and clean indoor environment. (two) avoid sunlight exposure and rain water. Some houses are sunny or rainy.

It can directly enter the local area from windows, which will cause harm to bamboo flooring. The sun will speed up the lacquer and glue

Aging can also cause dry shrinkage and cracking of the floor. After the rain is wet, the bamboo absorbs moisture and causes expansion and deformation.

It will also make the floor mouldy. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the daily use. (three) avoid damaging bamboo wood on the surface of the floor

The floor lacquer is not only the decorative layer of the floor, but also the protective layer of the floor. Therefore, we should avoid the impact of hard objects and sharp weapons.

Scratches, metal friction, and so on, and chemicals can not be stored indoors. In addition, the indoor furniture should be moved and moved.

Handle with care. The feet of furniture should be covered with rubber skin. In public places, carpet should be laid on main passages. (four)

Proper cleaning and cleaning should always clean the floor and keep the floor clean and clean during daily use. clear

When cleaning, clean the dust and sundries with a clean broom first, then wipe it with the cloth that wring the water, such as the area.

When it is too large, it can be washed and hung up and dripping water drops to clean the ground. You can't wash it with water, nor do it

Can be cleaned with a wet rag or mop. If there is any water substance sprinkling on the ground at ordinary times, use dry rag immediately.


How can we remove the new mop from the mop? Is there any way to deal with it?

Wet it with liquid wax, and then use it as a mop. The mop that bought the fiber won't get rid of the hair.

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