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Introduction of industrial vacuum cleaner
- May 25, 2018 -

Introduction of industrial vacuum cleaner

Industrial vacuum cleaner is a kind of equipment commonly used in industry. It is used to collect waste, filter and purify the air and clean the environment in the process of industrial production. A large number of textile and chemical industries can prevent some occupational hazards.



Working principle of industrial vacuum cleaner:

The industrial vacuum cleaner pumps the barrel into a vacuum through a multistage high pressure fan, whirlpool fan, whirlpool pump and other equipment, which makes the negative pressure rise rapidly. The high negative pressure causes the air to flow into the barrel through the inlet of the air swiftly, and the bucket passes through the dust brush and the suction pipe. The flowing air requires the solid particles that are collected and processed into the barrel. The filter bag is connected with the air inlet, and the solid is attached to the inner surface of the filter bag. The first filtered air passes through the gap of the filter bag, and then through the two filter of the filter core, the air can reach the discharge standard. The filtered air enters the exhaust duct through the fan or the exhaust air outlet of the air pump, and ends up back to the workshop, in order to reduce the energy, In particular, the loss of heat energy.

The higher the negative pressure, the stronger the suction, the wider the diameter of the suction mouth, the increase of the flow, the smaller the corresponding negative pressure and the smaller the suction. By choosing the appropriate model, the negative pressure can be kept within a constant range to adapt to the absorption and treatment of different materials.

Introduction of industrial vacuum cleaner applications:

Metal processing industry: metal dust, iron powder, separating chips and liquid materials to facilitate the recycling of liquid materials.

Pharmaceutical and chemical industries: the use of precision high-efficiency filter ULPA (for 0.12u above particulate filtration energy efficiency of 99.99992%)

Rubber and plastics industry: recycling raw materials, regular cleaning production machinery, injection molding machines and molds.

Food processing and coffee industry: choose food grade connectors and hoses to ensure that food is not contaminated. The flour, oil and other debris dust can be collected in the dust collecting bag of the vacuum cleaner.

Electronics industry: effectively remove phenolic bakelite and laminate dust produced during the production of electronic components, and improve product quality and efficiency more effectively.

Foundries and brick factories: a reversible large capacity dust collecting box, which can collect up to 800 kilograms of materials at a time.

Automotive Industry: cleaning and maintenance of processing equipment and assembly of residual iron dust powder and spray booth.

Industrial dust collector of central dust removal system

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