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Instruction Manual of Canister Vacuum Cleaner
- May 30, 2018 -

Instruction Manual of Canister Vacuum Cleaner

CT-C803  220-240V    50/60Hz 800W


Safety directions:

1. For the first operation, it is advisable to read the manual carefully before hand and keep it properly for future use.

2. Before the first operation, make sure the dust barrel is properly installed.

3. Make sure the power supply is 220-240V, 50/60Hz.

4. Do not vacuum water and inflammable material.

5. Do not vacuum burning material and ashes.

6. Do not use the machine without a motor protection filter filled.

7. Please change the dust barrel immediately when it was damaged.

8. Do not store or use the machine close to high temperature places.

9. Do not let children use the machine in case of danger.

10. If abnormal noise, smell, smoke or any other failure or breakage if found during the operaiton, you should turn off the switch and unplug it. Then contact with your service center for repair it. Do not repair by yourself.

11. If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer of its service agent or a similarly qualified person in order to avoid a hazard.

Introduction of Product:


Operation methods:

Connect the hose accessories: insert the hose end into the hose socket at the front cover and then hook it. (Fig 1)

Connect the plastic tube to the curved end of the hose. (Fig 2)

Connect the different nozzle tools to the plastic tube for different cleaning purpose:

Floor brush ( adjust to the type of ground) for carpet or floor (Fig 3); combined brush & nozzle for sofa, wall surface, curtain, corner or space between furniture and etc. (Fig 4)

Start the machine: insert the plug of the cord into the power socket which satisfies the specification on the rating label, and press the on/off switch pedal, the machine could start working. (Fig 5)

Cord rewinding: hold the plug and pull out the cord, press the cord rewinding pedal, the power cord will be drawn in. (Fig 6)



Change the dust bag: When the wind indicator turns to the red, it is time to clear the dust or replace with a new bag.

Open the front cover by chipping. (Fig 1)

Take out the bag holder then remove the full dust bag. (Fig 2)

Install the dust bag: insert the dust bag into the bag holder and then put it in the slot cabinet.

 Clean the motor filter with warm water once a year, open the front cover and take out the filter, clean it with warm water, and dry it before using again, if the filter is broken, please change a new one (Fig 4)

Clean the outlet filter. Clip down and remove the air outlet cover by hands then clear it with warm water and dry it before using again. If the filter is broken, please change a new one. (Fig 5,6).


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