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industrial dry and wet vacuum cleaner
- May 18, 2018 -

Industrial dry wet vacuum cleaner


The concept of industrial dry and wet vacuum cleaner:

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner is a kind of cleaning equipment which can absorb dust and absorb sewage. It is widely used in industry and commerce. It is a common cleaning equipment nowadays. Industrial dry and wet vacuum cleaner is relatively common dry vacuum cleaner, it can be said to be an upgrade of dry vacuum cleaner, dry dust can only absorb dry dust, debris, dry and wet dust absorbs can not only dry dirty, but also can absorb water and oil stains on the ground. The industrial dry and wet vacuum cleaner has strong power, cleanly cleaned, bulky, slightly cumbersome and suitable for industrial use.

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The principle of industrial dry and wet dual-purpose dust collector:

The industrial dry and wet dual-use vacuum cleaner is also known as the suction suction machine. As the name suggests, the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner has two functions of suction and water absorption. The general vacuum cleaner can only absorb dry type medium with less water content, and the oil and water produced by the dry and dual-purpose industrial vacuum cleaner can be absorbed. How about the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner? The difference between the working principle of the dry wet dual-use vacuum cleaner and the ordinary vacuum cleaner is more than one centrifugal chamber. When dust, air and water are sucked into the centrifuge chamber, the larger water is rotated at high speed, then it is thrown into the centrifugal chamber wall and then flows into the collecting bucket below. The lighter dust and air pass through the centrifuge chamber and enter the filter bag to filter dust. Is the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner good?

Analysis of the advantages of dry and wet dust collector:

An amazing, beautiful, beautiful round barrel with amazing capacity, strong suction motor, ideal suction and absorbent effect, more efficient and multipurpose random accessories, convenient combination, durable and durable, providing two different drainage ways, arbitrary selection, accommodation, broad and sturdy frame. Configuration, flexible and stable, easy to operate. The design allows the motor to keep the constant temperature in the process of use, so that the service life of the motor can be increased by more than 3 times, and the maximum of the machine can reach 24 hours. The dust with water, stickiness and irritating smell produced in the production process of chemical, spray, spray glaze and pigment in the dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaner is the best way to dust the dust.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of dry and wet dust collector:

To increase the solid-liquid separation device, the power consumption is larger. Washing is difficult. Sludge must be washed, and sludge and sewage should be solved. In cold areas, such as the northern area, the anti-freezing measures of dry and wet dual-use industrial vacuum cleaner should be considered to prevent the internal wet dust and water from freezing, and the vacuum cleaner is blocked.

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