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How to use rotary mops, spin mops
- Jun 15, 2018 -

How to use rotary mops, spin mops


Now the household mop will generally choose the rotary mop, which is more convenient to clean. The commonly used rotary mops in the market are pressed, pedal and electric, and the electric price is slightly more expensive. The following is a brief introduction to the skill of using the rotary mop.


1. Install the revolving mop


First, put the panel of the mop on the ground, then the mop and the mop head are aligned, the vertical state is pressed down, the mop is rotated, and the best is to gently step down the mop plate with your feet. When you hear a click, you can complete the combination.


2. The technique of using the revolving mop


In the use of a rotating mop to clean the room, you can adjust the angle, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, and so on, the use of rotating mop, so that it can easily clear the corner of the thing. Rotary mops have such advantages, and different mop rods can not be rotated at will, which may cause many things in the home to be cleaned.


3. After a period of time using a rotating mop, the cloth may be grinded, so pay attention to updating the cloth bar in time, how to change it, step on the cloth bar on the edge of the disc, use the method with the same direction as the direction of the screw, and then hold the mop in the opposite direction of the body. Move, you can separate the disc and the disc.


4. Dehydration of rotating mop


We all know that the dewatering principle of the rotary mop is similar to that of the washing machine, which is based on the principle of centrifugal force. When dehydrated, it can be quickly dehydrated with feet up and down on the pedal. This process is safe and can be decontamination. The drying degree of dehydration can be adjusted by itself, which is the problem of the length of time. The dry humidity control of the cloth bar is also more important, which will affect the service life of the mop.


If you want to be dehydrated, please strictly hold the slider with a single hand to fix the grip. At the same time, you can effectively protect both hands from skidproof and anti-wear. At the same time, it will be very good to move the slider to the top of the handle to avoid rolling up and down.


It is clear that the whole cloth is clean, a good grip is moved straight down, and it can be cleaned evenly and the mop is used. As long as it is dehydrated, please put the mop head horizontally, the handle must be put straight down, and the handle can be lightly grasps. Notice that the handle does not tilt the range.


5. Adsorbing hair on the head of a mop


The principle of adsorbing hair is the principle of electrostatic adsorption. It is the best to adsorb hair in a dry case. You can buy more mop heads or poles. It is more convenient to use separately. Tip: the dry mop head is rotated and has the best effect of absorbing hair.


In fact, when you use the rotary mop, you can adjust the length of the mop according to your habits, but you must clean it in time.

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