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How to select the sweeper
- Apr 17, 2018 -

In the highly developed mechanized production, the work mode of human workers in all walks of life will gradually be replaced by the mechanized work mode. The same is true of the clean industry. The appearance of the sweeper, for example, is a boon to both managers and cleaners. Sweeping machine changed the traditional working mode of cleaning staff, improve the efficiency of the cleaner, shortened the working time, reduces the labor intensity, is also reduced spending on labor human, greatly save the company invests in clean actual cost.

Here are some common types of sweeper. The first is the smallest hand push sweeper. There are two kinds of hand-pushed sweeper in the market, one is the unpowered sweeper and the other is the electric sweeper. Although the appearance of these two sweeper is very close, the same as hand push sweeper, but in actual use, the cleaning effect of the two machines is very different. The no-power sweeper is cheaper but more laborious, and the cleaning effect is not as good as the cleaning effect of the electric sweeper. Although electric sweeping machine price compared with unpowered sweeping machine some slightly more expensive, but the electric street sweeper is sweep clean way of absorption, few dust at work, cleaning effect is better, is more efficient.

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