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How to distinguish and choose industrial vacuum cleaner or dust collector
- Sep 14, 2018 -

How to distinguish and choose industrial vacuum cleaner or dust collector

In industrial applications, many customers are easy to confuse the use and concepts of industrial vacuum cleaners and industrial dust collectors, so here we introduce the difference between the two, hoping to be more helpful to everyone's choice.

First of all, whether it is industrial vacuum cleaners or industrial dust collectors in the production workshop and other places is very common, different areas need to use machines are also distinguished, so what are these differences? Industrial vacuum cleaner generally refers to the vacuum cleaner we often use, this kind of vacuum cleaner generally uses the principle of high-efficiency turbine vacuum pump or high-speed turbine vacuum motor, this kind of motor vacuum, negative pressure, small air volume, this kind of vacuum cleaner bias to suck a relatively large proportion of substances or liquids, vacuum aperture is small, 1. It's around 50MM. Because the air volume of this kind of vacuum cleaner is on the small side, by negative pressure inhalation material, so the need for close suction vacuum; generally, this kind of vacuum cleaner is smaller, more convenient to move.

Industrial dust collectors, also known as industrial dust collectors, generally use centrifugal fans with large air volume, such machines are generally large air volume, small vacuum model, generally in industrial production as a dust collection system equipment or can also be used as a single machine, but are used to absorb cutting or grinding out. A floating mass of dust. The principle of its dust collection is to rely on the velocity of the wind to suck away the dust, so the relative distance between the dust collection is also farther than that of the vacuum cleaner, and the air volume is large, the amount of dust inhaled is also large, the corresponding dust collector suction vent and filter area than the vacuum cleaner is much larger, this kind of dust collector in industry because of It is a complete set of use, large volume, and is generally fixed, and mobile is not very convenient.

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