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How to choose robot vacuum cleaner and cordless hand-held vacuum cleaners?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

How to choose robot vacuum cleaner and cordless hand-held vacuum cleaners?

With the development of society, environmental problems are becoming more and more serious. The most direct manifestation is global warming and frequent haze. Among them, the most profound feeling is the haze phenomenon in the daily life. The influence is direct and spread. In this case, in addition to the need to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection and actively put into action, we can only take various protective measures to solve the problems in front of the eyes. Such as the purchase of air purifier, sweeping robot and handheld vacuum cleaner helps keep clean Home Furnishing cleaning products, use the power of technology to seek to protect themselves in a certain extent.

According to the statistics, there are about 4000 cleaning products manufacturers, distributors and agents in China. The end users of clean products for commercial and industrial use have reached 500 million, which does not include the clean products used by hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens. It is not difficult to find, with the increasing demand of clean, cleaning products market is constantly expanding, and in the future of clean products will increase more. In the current market, the growth trend of the two categories of sweeping robots and hand-held vacuum cleaner is the most significant.

Sweeping robot is also known as the robot vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner put is intelligent, without too much manual intervention, can complete the ground cleaning work is largely independent. At present, the highest level of intelligence is the planning type sweeping robot carrying positioning technology, which can automatically locate and map indoor, complete the efficient cleaning, and many large brand products can be remotely operated through the mobile APP. For the working family and the househousewives with many household chores, the cleaning robot is very important. Humanized intelligent cleaning products, but its role is limited to the ground.

The most popular handheld vacuum cleaner is a new type of cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, the appearance of a more delicate and concise, compact and lightweight body, but also bring convenience to operate on the simplified design of cordless, popular. Cordless handheld vacuum device cordless design plus a rich brush head configuration, in addition to the ground cleaning, it can also clean the ceiling, wall corner, cabinet and other places, and can even be used as a vehicle cleaner to use, the function can be said to be almost "all-around". However, some of the large products are not satisfied with this, and are committed to maximizing people's lives, so the cordless vacuum cleaner has been given a more excellent function - the user can replace the special electric mite brush to clean the dust mite on the sofa and realize the real whole house cleaning, and the vacuum cleaner is currently in the vacuum cleaner. In addition to the mites function, CLEANTECH is more professional.

Through comparative analysis we can realize that the sweeping robot and cordless handheld vacuum cleaner are all very popular clean products. There are two main differences between them. One is whether manual operation is needed, and the two is how large the space can be cleaned. If the family only needs to be cleaned regularly and busy, the sweeping robot is a good choice, such as office workers. The local haze is more serious, or require frequent cleaning the whole house, you may wish to start a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, such as housewives and elderly. There is more demand for Home Furnishing clean, but the economic conditions allow people, might as well start sweeping robot and cordless handheld vacuum cleaner using collocation.

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