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How to choose household bucket cleaner wet and dry vacuum cleaner?
- Sep 08, 2018 -

How to choose household bucket cleaner wet and dry vacuum cleaner?

There are three kinds of vacuum cleaners: barrel type vacuum cleaner, horizontal vacuum cleaner and hand-held vacuum cleaner. They are used in different places. The vacuum cleaner is generally driven by a motor impeller high-speed rotation, so that the dust collection chamber to form a local vacuum. The dust is inhaled into the dust collecting chamber together with the air flow and filtered. The dust is retained in the dust collecting chamber and the clean air is discharged.

First, choose a good vacuum cleaner.

1, the suction is strong enough. The suction unit is embodied by vacuum. The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction. Generally, it is represented by PA (PA). Home 27Kpa up and down is better. Too low suction is not enough. Excessive and wasteful. Handheld usually reaches 16Kpa. When shopping in shopping malls, it is best to find a more intuitive way to do on-site suction columns and suction bowling.

2, eliminate the two pollution. The inhaled dust is not effectively filtered, resulting in two pollution. It is a great invisible killer of vacuum cleaners.

3. Look at the filter material for the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner. * sponge: filtration is the worst. * activated carbon filter: it can increase the adsorption force on the dust, but the pore is large and the filtration is general. * clean cloth: the texture is more careful, it is a relatively economical material, and its performance is better than the first 2. *HEPA filtration: high precision filter, strong adsorption, is currently the best filtering material. * composite paper dust bag: double layer filtration can effectively improve the filtration rate of dust, and the cost is too high. The advantages are easy to use and dust can be thrown away without cleaning.

4, look at air purification sterilization technology. Electrostatic precipitation, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, photocatalyst (need sunlight to regenerate), cold catalyst (natural regeneration) recommended! Catalytic decomposition of formaldehyde.

5. Multi suction nozzle. See if the suction nozzle provided by the vacuum cleaner is suitable for your cleaning needs. Of course, the more fully equipped, the more suitable occasions.

6, other details. Is the shell material of the vacuum cleaner strong and durable? Preferred stainless steel (high price disadvantage), recommended ABS engineering plastics wear resistance and impact resistance is not easy to aging. To verify the material, we can open the top of the dust bin and note the word "ABS" in it, except fake and inferior. See if there is a dusty display, whether rubber roller, prevent scratching floor, whether it can be continuously variable control. Does the fuselage have an anti-collision bar designed to protect your furniture? The quality of the bag with dust bag is good. The nonwoven material is recommended. Now the latest vacuum cleaner technology is dust bag design, through the aerodynamic principle, dust inhaled into the dust collection barrel through strong centrifugal force will be dusted in the dust collection barrel, to achieve complete separation of dust and gas, effectively solve the problem of secondary pollution, vacuum efficiency than ordinary vacuum cleaner 25%, strongly recommended (otherwise known as dragon spiral) Wind or dust removal technology.

Two, mistaken choice of vacuum cleaner

1. Nowadays household vacuum cleaner motor is not a high-tech product. The best motor in the world is produced in China. Imported motor will only increase the cost of the product and increase the burden on consumers (some high-tech professional dust motor imports are still very good). On the other hand, the motor is installed in the machine, and there is no place of origin outside, so some brands branding themselves as imported motor, is deceiving customers. It is very simple to test, let sales personnel on the invoice marked the imported motor to see him dare.

2, about suction and noise. The correct method of noise reduction is achieved through the use of relatively quiet motors for motor reform. In order to reduce noise, some vacuum cleaners have to sacrifice suction and wrap several sponges around the motor to achieve the effect of silencing. So the sound is small, but on the other hand affect the suction (exhaust air is not smooth), but also affect the heat dissipation of the motor, resulting in easy damage to the motor, which is completely wrong method.

3, the standard set by the state is 82 dB, without the use of false noise reduction methods. It's better than the national standard.

Three, vacuum power saving tips

1, when using a vacuum cleaner, the dust on the filter bag should be removed in time.

2, oil must be regularly added to the shaft of the vacuum cleaner and replaced with the original brand.

3, check the dust collector air duct, suction nozzle, hose and air inlet regularly. According to different needs, the suction nozzle can improve the dust absorption effect and save electricity.

4, household vacuum cleaners should not be used in damp places.

5. When the vacuum cleaner is used, the power can be adjusted to the appropriate suction.

Four, daily maintenance and maintenance

1. Clean up the debris in the barrel and all the dust-collecting accessories in time. Clean the dust bag after each work. Check whether there are perforations or air leaks. Clean the dust bag and the dust box thoroughly with warm water with detergent, and blow it dry. Do not use uncomfortable dust bag.

2. Check whether the power cord and plug are damaged. After using up, wrap the power coil and hang it on the hook of the head cover.

3. Check the air inlet for blockage or debris after the water absorption work, otherwise clean it up. Check the floating wave for damage.

4, use the machine to gently handle, not external force impact.

5, when the machine is disused, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place.

6. When cleaning the machine, please wipe it with a wet cloth containing water or neutral detergent. The main engine head is strictly prohibited from washing in water. Do not use corrosive detergents such as gasoline, banana water, etc. Otherwise, the shell will crack.

7. Do not keep the machine in a long continuous working state, continuous working time should be controlled within 2 hours, otherwise it will affect the life of the machine.

8. When using vacuum cleaner for a long time, the suction will drop due to the blockage of filter mesh. In order to prevent suction drop, water should be used regularly to clean the filter screen and cloth bags. After washing, air them in a cool place and then use them to restore suction.

9. If the main engine is feverish, burning, or has abnormal vibration and sound, it should be repaired in time, not forced to use.

10, do not fold the hose frequently, do not over stretch and bend.

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