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How to choose a washing machine scrubber washer suitable for yourself?
- Sep 12, 2018 -

How to choose a washing machine scrubber washer suitable for yourself?

With the popularity of the washing machine, more and more enterprises now choose the washing machine as a daily cleaning work of the main tool. But choice also affects many customers. The following Xiaobian is to introduce how to choose the underwashing machine according to the actual needs.

Business environment: the main cleaning work of commercial customers is in the fields of corridors, supermarkets, canteens and so on. The floors of these areas are often dominated by tiles or marble, and the floor is smooth. Because of the large flow of people, the daily cleaning work is very important. But the area is not very large. So when choosing the washing machine, you can choose the mini driving washing machine or the hand driven floor washing machine. As the ground conditions are relatively good, the configuration of the original vehicle can be configured. The suitable detergent should be selected according to the condition of oil or dust on the ground. We recommend that customers clean the water on the ground like this.

2. Enterprise Factory Environment: With the standardization of factory buildings and office areas, more and more enterprises choose varnish and epoxy floor to replace the traditional cement floor. Often the enterprise user factory area is large, wide aisle, in this case we recommend driving-type washing car, and configuration to choose a clean mat to replace hard brush. And because of the heavy oil stains in the workshop, it is recommended to use detergent in daily work. The addition of general detergents is formulated with the rate of water distribution. The manufacturer recommends a 10:1 addition, and conditional customers can add Defoamers in the sewage tank, to avoid the oil and detergent chemically produce a lot of foam.

3. Property community environment: normal property community customers, the washing machine is mainly used for underground garage use. Because the garage itself is underground, the easily wet ground in the garage is always wet and slippery, and accompanied by a large amount of dust to and fro the car, there will inevitably be garbage on the moving floor of the household, in such an environment, we recommend that customers choose cleaning equipment. The equipment can be swept before washing, and the garbage can be cleaned and dried in the garage effectively.

Of course, the above three points are based on our experience to develop specific programs also need users and manufacturers to communicate, you can look at the specific environment to give the best solution.

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