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How to choose a household vacuum cleaner and how to use it
- May 17, 2018 -

How to choose a household vacuum cleaner and how to use it

As for the vacuum cleaner, it has to be said that it is the best helper for cleaning at home. The vacuum cleaner can solve the health problems in the home, and the vacuum cleaner can be divided into vertical, horizontal and portable. The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is that the motor drives the blades to rotate at high speed, and produces negative air pressure inside the sealed shell and suck dust dust.

I、          Buy a good vacuum cleaner

5-1.jpg1、 The suction is strong enough. The suction search unit is reflected by the degree of vacuum. The greater the vacuum, the greater the suction. It is generally expressed in PA (PPA). Home 27Kpa is better up and down. Too low the suction is not enough. It's too high to be too wasteful. Handheld is generally 16Kpa. When shopping in shopping malls, it is best to find a more intuitive way to do on-site suction columns and suction bowling. If you care about the power and suction, it’s better to our wet dry vacuum, but the noise is a little bigger.


2、Put an end to the two pollution. The inhaled dust is not effectively filtered, resulting in two pollution. It is a great invisible killer of vacuum cleaners.

3、Look at the filter material for the exhaust air of the vacuum cleaner. Sponges: the worst filtration. Activated carbon filter net: can increase the adsorption force to the dust, but the hole is bigger and the filtration is general. Scouring pad: texture is more careful, it is a relatively economical material, and its performance is better than the first 2. HEPA filtration: high precision filter, strong adsorption, is currently the best filtering material. Composite paper dust bag: double layer filtration can effectively improve the filtration rate of dust, but the cost is too high. The advantages are easy to use and dust can be thrown away without cleaning.


4、Look at the sterilization technology of air purification. Electrostatic dustfall, HEPA dust purification, activated carbon adsorption, Photocatalyst (need sunlight to regenerate), cold catalyst (Natural Regeneration) recommended! Formaldehyde is catalyzed by catalytic decomposition.

5、The multi - suction nozzle is equipped. See if the suction nozzle provided by the vacuum cleaner is suitable for your cleaning needs. Of course, the more all the applications are used.

II、Usage method

1, please open the dust collector to check whether the dust bag is good.

2, plug in the power supply, open the power switch.

3, please choose the annexes according to the dif

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