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How should I choose a hand-held vacuum cleaner cordless vacuum cleaner? CLEANTECH tells you these little common sense.
- Sep 12, 2018 -

How should I choose a hand-held vacuum cleaner cordless vacuum cleaner? CLEANTECH tells you these little common sense.

1. suction

For a vacuum cleaner, suction is the most important measure. Most people know that the determinant of suction is the motor of the vacuum cleaner. Indeed, good motors can unleash strong suction. In the vacuum cleaner industry, motors are known as the heart of the vacuum cleaner, and their importance can be imagined. The vacuum cleaner motor on the market can be roughly divided into two kinds: ordinary motor (brush motor) and brushless motor. The latter is known as the most advanced motor in the world. Although it is expensive, it has long life and large suction. Therefore, many high-end brands of vacuum cleaner will adopt the Japanese NIDEC brushless motor.

2. cyclones

Conventional vacuum cleaners use compressors to create a vacuum environment in which debris and dust are sucked in with the air, then dust and other debris are intercepted in the bag with a mesh-dense dust bag and filtered air is discharged from the vacuum, but the consequence is that the filter screen will be blocked by dust and impurities for a long time. It directly causes the suction of the vacuum cleaner to drop, affecting the final cleaning effect. As a result, many vacuum cleaners will add cyclone technology to vacuum cleaner in order to overcome this difficulty. The effect of cyclone is to produce a strong centrifugal rate, can be sucked dust through the influence of centrifugal force into the dust collection box, and air phase separation, this can avoid blocking the air inlet, avoid suction weakening phenomenon, for the vacuum cleaner to provide long-term large suction. Only a handful of vacuumers on the market have cyclone technology and are mostly used in big cards.

3 renewal

Many users may have the experience of using a vacuum cleaner infrequently, or even putting it in a locker once, for a number of reasons. One of the important reasons is that it doesn't work as well as advertisements, that is to say, it doesn't work as well, so use it once and put it on the shelf. The most important thing that affects the user experience in the vacuum cleaner is the continuation of the voyage. Some vacuum cleaners have not even cleaned 20 square meters of houses and "are dying" of electricity, it is really difficult to make consumers happy. Battery types are the main determinants of a vacuum cleaner's life, with lithium batteries having longer life cycles and relatively high prices. But safety is guaranteed, and many big-name vacuum cleaners use lithium-ion batteries, such as Panasonic in Japan, Pusannik in Taiwan and so on.

4 light degree

Today, many households choose wireless hand-held vacuum cleaners, which are more flexible in operation and therefore less labor-intensive than traditional wired horizontal vacuum cleaners. Many brands of vacuum cleaners, in order to let users have a better experience, will use the principle of fluid dynamics design, the motor, battery are close to the handle position, even in the face of high cleaning, can easily be done.

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