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How should an industrial vacuum cleaner be chosen
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The application of industrial vacuum cleaner in industrial production and the selection of industrial vacuum cleaner are discussed.

Industrial vacuum cleaner for industrial production can be divided into general cleaning and production auxiliary. As a general cleaning vacuum cleaner, the requirement of the machine is not high, the general small vacuum cleaner can be competent. As a production assistant with industrial vacuum cleaners, demand for vacuum cleaner is relatively high, such as the motor for a long time continuous operation, the filtration system cannot be blocked, whether to explosion-proof, filtering system has high accuracy, and used the different requirements, such as more than one machine to meet these requirements will need to choose a professional industrial vacuum cleaner. Industrial vacuum cleaners are not a few to solve all the industrial use problems, but according to different industries and production conditions to choose more suitable to solve the current problems. Here we have a couple of questions. First of all, there are two important parameters in the technical data of industrial vacuum cleaners, namely the wind volume (m3/h) and suction (mbar). The vacuum cleaner, the two data, is a decreasing function in the work curve of the vacuum cleaner, which is dynamic. That is to say, when the suction vacuum cleaners work increases, the tube into the air volume will decrease, when the biggest suction tube into the air volume is zero (pipe mouth closed), material on the surface of the vacuum cleaner was able to go work, that is because nozzle with wind speed, wind speed, the greater the object absorption ability is stronger. Wind speed is produced by the combination of wind and suction. When the air volume is very small (10m3/h), when the suction is very large (500mbar), the material cannot be taken away, because the air flow is less and there is no wind speed, such as the pumping pump, and the liquid is transported by atmospheric pressure. When the suction is small (15 mbar), air volume is very big (2000 m3 / h), can't take away the material, because the air pressure drop greatly without the wind speed in the pipe, such as dust removal equipment, is to rely on ventilation to take away the dust in the air.

Second, in the composition of the vacuum cleaner parts there are two key components, motor and filtration system, the basic performance of motor is to ensure that the vacuum cleaner, filtration system is to ensure that the vacuum cleaner suitable work performance, with the right motor can guarantee the normal work of the suction machine, but the filter system is bad, can't solve the problem of the actual work, such as filter frequent jams, oscillation system dust removal effect is poor, filter filtration precision is not enough, and so on.

Thirdly, the vacuum cleaner's dust absorption efficiency. There are often users who say that the vacuum cleaner is less efficient than a broom. In some ways, this is the case. In rough cleaning, clean the garbage, not sweep the fast. But the broom does not make the face clean, it can cause dust, some materials cannot be recycled, some corners cannot be reached. Blow air rifle clean is fast, but clean the small face, but secondary pollution more environment, even damage the equipment, such as elastic ground needs to be clean, debris into the guide rail or other operation part cause equipment damage. Therefore, the precision machining center prohibits the use of air - blowing guns. A vacuum cleaner recommended for working conditions. If there is an explosion-proof site, or if some may be caused by a spark or overheating to cause combustion or explosion.

Material, must choose explosion-proof vacuum cleaner. There are some conditions may need to be anti-static, electric spark, now there are some customers start using pneumatic vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner using compressed air as the power, can work continuously 24 hours a day. It has been widely used in some special occasions.

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