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High pressure cleaning machine, High pressure washer, pressure washer
- Jun 08, 2018 -

High pressure cleaning machine, High pressure washer, pressure washer

The high pressure cleaning machine is a machine that produces high-pressure water to wash the surface of the body by means of a power device. It can peel off dirt and wash away to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of objects. Because high pressure water column is used to clean dirt, high pressure cleaning is also one of the most scientific, economic and environmental cleaning methods in the world.

Product introduction

It can be divided into high pressure water washing machine, hot water high pressure cleaner, motor driven high pressure cleaner, gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaning machine, etc. The biggest difference between the two is that the hot water washer adds a heating device, which uses a combustion cylinder or an electric heating device to heat the water. However, the price of hot water washing machine is high and the running cost is high (because it needs to be heated by diesel or electric water). Many professional customers will choose hot water cleaning machine.


According to the driving engine, the motor drive high pressure washer, gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaner and diesel driven cleaning machine are three main categories. As the name suggests, these three kinds of cleaning machines are equipped with high pressure pumps, which are different from the motor, gasoline engine or diesel engine, which drive the high pressure pump operation. The advantage of the gasoline engine driven high pressure washer and diesel driven cleaning machine is that they can operate in the field without power supply.

Divided into three categories: household, commercial and industrial. First, household high pressure cleaning machine, the general pressure, flow and life is lower (generally less than 100 hours), the pursuit of portable, flexible mobile, simple operation. Second, commercial high-pressure cleaning machines require higher parameters and use more frequently and have longer service life, so their life expectancy is longer. Third, industrial high pressure cleaning machine, in addition to general requirements, there will always be some special requirements, water cutting is a good example.

Product principle

The impact force of water is greater than that of dirt and object surface. High pressure water will peel off dirt and wash away to achieve a cleaning device on the surface of the object. Because it is the use of high pressure water column cleaning dirt, unless it is very stubborn oil stains only need to add a little detergent, otherwise the strong water pressure produced by the foam is enough to take away the general fouling.

Structure composition

1 trademark; 2 water intake; 3 rear wheel; 4 cleaning agent nozzle; 5 high pressure pipe; 6 power line; 7 temperature control switch; 8 power switch; 9 high pressure water gun; 10 shield; 11 front wheel; 12 chassis; 13 motor, high pressure pump assembly; fuel nozzle, ignition electrode assembly; chimney chimney; handrails; disposable car handrails; Fuel tank; 19 gun butt; 20 fuel filter; 21 oil pump; 22 fan; 23 high voltage ignition coil is familiar with its structure and working principle.


During the use of the cleaning machine, it is unavoidable to fail. When there are problems, we should carefully find out the causes based on different fault phenomena.

1) the spray gun does not spray water

A) plug into the inlet and water filter. B) blockage of the nozzle. C) heat up the spiral pipe blockage and remove scale when necessary.

2) water pressure instability

A) insufficient water supply. B) pipeline ruptures, cleaning agent suction nozzle is not inserted into cleaning agent, causing air suction pipeline. C) wear of the nozzle. D) high pressure water pump seal leakage.

3) non ignition combustion of burners

A) lack of air intake, white smoke. B) the fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel nozzle are dirty and blocked. D) damage to the solenoid valve. E) the ignition electrode position changes, the spark is too weak. F) the high voltage ignition coil is damaged. G) pressure switch damage.

The above problems can be found in the high temperature and high pressure cleaning machine, and users can find out the reasons for themselves and remove the trouble.  However, if the cleaning machine has more serious faults such as the leakage of the pump body and the oil leakage of the crankcase, the cleaning machine should be sent to the professional maintenance department with complete parts and strong technical force so as not to cause unnecessary economic losses.

Scope of application

1, the cleaning and maintenance of all kinds of motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors and so on. It is the most ideal cleaning tool for personal and small vehicle maintenance units to clean automobiles and motorcycles.

Oil cleaning and cleaning in equipment maintenance

2, building external walls, floors, baths, swimming pools cleaning, doors, windows, floors, toilets, grease and artificial difficult to clean the corner is particularly effective.

3, disinfection of food processing plants, food processing machinery and kitchens in hotels and restaurants.

4, over 500bar ultra high pressure cleaning machine can carry on the concrete chisel, the high pressure high pressure cleaning machine can even cut and chisel all kinds of marked concrete.

How to choose

1. depending on the amount of use:

The general high-pressure cleaning machine can be divided into two types: household and professional. If you use the cleaning machine for less than 50 hours a year, you only need to buy household cleaning machines. The price is relatively cheap, light weight, simple and heat resistant. If the time used for more than 100 hours, we should consider the professional high pressure cleaning machine, large volume, material with copper alloy pump head, stainless steel valves and other durable material, of course, the price is much more expensive. So how to choose depends on the needs of consumers.

2. depending on the need of cold and hot water:

High pressure cleaning machine can also be divided into hot water and cold water. In general, most of the market is cold water type, with water faucet into the normal temperature water can be used, but some places need to be flushed with hot water. At this time, the hot water type high pressure cleaning machine must be specially selected. If a cold water type is injected into the hot water, the internal parts, including the water pump, will be damaged quickly.

A heating device is added to the hot water cleaning machine.

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