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Handheld vacuum cleaner, household vacuum cleaner
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Handheld vacuum cleaner, household vacuum cleaner


Small size, easy to carry and use, it is mainly used for vehicle cleaning, and has good effects on keyboard, electrical appliances and so on. The disadvantage is that the power is small and the suction is not strong enough.



The handheld vacuum cleaner, small in shape, very convenient to carry and use, is a household cleaning product between the ordinary household vacuum cleaner and the portable vacuum cleaner, which is more suitable for cleaning the smaller space. It is mainly used for vehicle cleaning, and has good effects on keyboard, electrical appliances and so on. The disadvantage is that the power is small and the suction is not strong enough.

Working principle


The hand-held vacuum cleaner can dedusting, mainly because its head is equipped with an electric fan. There is a wind impeller on the rotating shaft of the fan. After electricity, the opportunity of the pump is suction and pressure at the speed of 500 cycles per second. Under the action of suction and pressure, the air is discharged at a high speed, and the air in the front of the fan is constantly supplemented by the air in the fan, causing the internal vacuum in the vacuum cleaner and the external atmospheric pressure. A negative pressure brush, long nozzle, elbow, hose, hose joint enter the filter bag, dust and other debris are retained in the filter bag, and the air is discharged by the tail of the body after the filter is cleaned. Handheld vacuum cleaner with different parts, can complete different cleaning work, such as with the ground brush can clean the ground, with a flat brush can clean sofa surface, bed sheets, curtains and so on, with small suction mouth can clear the small corner of dust and some household appliances in the dust.

Handheld vacuum cleaner applications: carpet, car cleaning, electrical appliances, home and so on.



1, small volume, light weight;

2, add lengthening suction tube, avoid stooping or tiptoe when vacuuming.

3. Suction nozzle configuration is comprehensive and convenient for daily cleaning in various spaces and corners.

4, the wire has a certain length to avoid changing the power supply panel repeatedly during vacuuming.

5, strong suction, one pass is net;

6, work noise and vibration low;

7, the square brush can be rotated at 90 degrees, so that it can be easily vacuumed in small space and multi angle.

8. The volume of dust collecting bag is large, clean or easy to replace.

9, can be disassembled, convenient to receive.

Use of attention


1. when using the vacuum cleaner, please be careful not to clog the inlet, otherwise it will cause overload and damage the motor.

2. when using the vacuum cleaner, please pay attention to loading the filter bag so as not to enter the motor room.

3. please do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb the tiny particles such as cement, plaster powder, wall powder and so on, otherwise it will cause the dust filter dust bag or the filter net blockage, the motor burn out and so on.

4. when cleaning the vacuum cleaner, please use wet or neutral detergent wet cloth, do not use gasoline, banana water, etc., otherwise it will cause cracking or fading of the shell.

5. please do not use vacuum cleaner to wash detergents, coal, oil, glass, needles, soot, wet dust, sewage, matches and so on.

6. please do not allow the vacuum cleaner to be too close to the fire source and other high temperature places.

7. do not use the vacuum cleaner to absorb water and other liquids. Do not wash the vacuum cleaner with water.

8. when you need to clean or repair the vacuum cleaner and do not use the vacuum cleaner, please pull off the power plug and do not pull the power cord.

9. after using the vacuum cleaner, clean the vacuum cleaner and accessories with damp cloth, and then dry in the air. The dirt in the dust bag should be removed in time. If it is not used for a while, wash the dust bag with warm water, and then dry in the sun. The hair and scraps on the brush should also be removed.

10., check the wear of the brush regularly. If it is found that the wear is serious, it should be replaced.

11., check the fixed parts of vacuum cleaner regularly. If there is loose, it should be fastened at any time.

12. the brush on the motor of the vacuum cleaner is also easy to wear. Attention should be paid to repair and replacement.

13., check the suction head and exhaust port regularly to prevent clogging.

14. protect the hose of the vacuum cleaner, do not press it again.

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