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Cordless vacuum cleaner, home use vacuum cleaner
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Cordless vacuum cleaner (home use vacuum cleaner), is it good to use a cordless vacuum cleaner?


The cordless cleaner has gradually become a trend, because the technology development of the vacuum cleaner industry is due to the use of the cordless cleaner.

With its convenience, its appearance represents the public's demand for vacuum cleaner. A powerful lithium battery for vacuum cleanup

The device can detached from the lengthy power cord, so that you can more easily clean more dead corners and difficult points, and also make cleaning work become more and more convenient.

Whenever and wherever possible。 From the general situation of the industry, when the cordless vacuum cleaner needs more than 5 hours of electricity at a time, cordless

The use time of vacuum cleaner is about half an hour. The current cordless vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more powerful, not only can it attract.

All kinds of dust and particles can also suck mites, dandruff, hair, bacteria and so on, so that your home environment can be more clear.

Clean. Is it good for a cordless vacuum cleaner? The cordless cleaner is much better than the wired vacuum cleaner, especially some portable hands.

The holding vacuum cleaner is also suitable for many high quality girls.


Introduction of a cordless vacuum cleaner

The hand-held vacuum cleaner is compact in size, easy to carry and use, and is a common household vacuum cleaner and portable vacuum cleaner.

The household cleaning products are more suitable for cleaning smaller space. Mainly used in car cleaning, keyboard, electricity

The apparatus, furniture, ground and so on also have good effect.


Selection of cordless vacuum cleaner

1. appearance: the appearance of the small hand-held vacuum cleaner is good in modeling fashion and beautiful color.

In appearance, special attention should be paid to the external material and manufacturing level. As far as possible, the material is strong, no odor and scratch.

A compact handheld vacuum cleaner product.

2. power: the power of small hand-held vacuum cleaner is generally low. When choosing small handheld vacuum cleaner, it is recommended to use power.

About 500W-800W products, such power general household cleaning should be enough.

3. accessories: different styles of brush heads and different lengths of soft / straight pipes with hand-held vacuum cleaner.

The corners are not allowed to pass, and the spare parts can be freely chosen.

4. alternating current: as the name suggests, alternating current is plug-in, and there are rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaners on the market.

Shorter service life and less suction, so choose a hand-held vacuum cleaner to choose plug in type longer life and greater suction.


Cleaning of cordless vacuum cleaner

It can only be cleaned outside with water. If it is dirty, it can be washed with soapy water.

Clean bags should be cleaned with clean water. If there is no cleaning bag, only plastic grooves. It will only be cleaned with clean water.

The filter must be cleaned in time after each use. If it is paper, it must be brushed.

The branch pipe of vacuum cleaner should be cleaned every time it runs out. And then dry it.

For the flannelette filter, in addition to cleaning up in time, to a certain extent, we need to replace it in time.

The outer part of the vacuum cleaner has a socket for the power cord, so when cleaning, pay attention to not touching the water.


Brand of cordless vacuum cleaner

CLEANTECH cordless vacuum cleaner has made a lot of innovations. The equipment uses high quality lithium battery. It can work for a long time after one charge, and it meets the needs of daily cleaning. There is also a comprehensive breakthrough in filtering technology. All kinds of dust and particles can be well filtered and absorbed, so that all kinds of dust can be cleaned up one by one. In the brush head also made a targeted design, the sofa is used for the dust removal on the sofa, the brush is used to clean the dust on the wood floor, and the flat mouth is used to remove the dust in some gaps. These different brush heads match the machine's use to achieve a perfect cleaning effect. Portable and labor-saving is also a feature of new products. The length of 110 centimeters is completely fitted to the character of the people. It is not necessary to bend the waist to clean the living room, and this length can be adjusted according to his own height. There is a very flexible wheel at the bottom of the cordless vacuum cleaner, which makes the use of the vacuum cleaner very flexible and allows the clean contacts to reach more corners and absorb more dust. There are also some innovations in the dust container, and a larger cup can set more dust, which reduces the work of many times to dump the dust, greatly reduces the intensity of the cleaners' work, and makes it clear for a long time. The most important innovation is on the suction. The high quality lithium battery allows the vacuum cleaner to keep a great suction. All kinds of particles, a variety of small pieces, all kinds of shells and so on can be cleaned out one by one, so the clean fruit of the whole living room is achieved. Air separation technology is also an important breakthrough, the inhaled mixed air through the multiple filter in the machine can remove the natural fresh air, which makes the whole room from the ground to the air have a new change, and let the clean room more pleasant, more perfect. The CLEANTECH cordless vacuum cleaner has always adhered to the performance first in the use of the motor. The imported quality motor can work stably and can run efficiently, so that the cordless vacuum cleaner has longer service life and better performance.


Maintenance of wireless vacuum cleaner

1. when using vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, it is necessary to move according to the direction of carpets, so that dust can be smoothed by absorbing dust.

It won't break the carpet.

2. beware of using vacuum cleaner to absorb flammable and explosive materials or high temperature things, so as not to burn or explode.

3. dry type vacuum cleaner can not absorb liquid, ordinary household vacuum cleaner also avoids absorbing metal dust as far as possible, otherwise easy to vacuum cleaner.

Cause damage, affect performance.

4. dust bag vacuum cleaner should be vacuumed immediately if it is found to be damaged. Replace it immediately, so as to prevent dust from damaging the motor.


5. it should not be used for too long. If dust is accumulated on the filter bag after a period of time, the suction will be lowered.

The dust of the box body is shaken down at the bottom of the box, and the suction will be restored.

6. if there is too much dust in the dust bag and dust bucket, dust should be removed as soon as possible to keep the dusts clean, so as not to affect the dust absorption efficiency.

The heat of the fruit and the motor.

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