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Commercial Vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner
- Jun 13, 2018 -

Commercial Vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaner


Place of use

The use of vacuum cleaner in shopping malls, mainly including hotels, factories, office areas, office buildings, repair shops, 4S stores, car wash rooms, hotels, hotels, cleaning companies, gas stations, large and medium-sized commercial public places, such as large villas.


Filtering method

The market uses the vacuum cleaner CT/JN503, CT/JN301 series, the filter way of the dust bag and the dust bucket, and the vacuum cleaner of the mall is used to filter the dust bucket of the dust by the HEPA filter. From the overall point of view, these two kinds of filtering methods are determined by the operation environment of the shopping mall. The filtering effect is more ideal, the air is purified, the two pollution is avoided, and the cleaning is more convenient and quick.


Working principle

The working principle of the vacuum cleaner is the high speed rotation of the vacuum cleaner motor, inhaling the air from the suction port to make a certain vacuum in the dust bucket. The dust is left in the dust bag or the dust bag through the brush head fittings, the main suction pipe and the dust bag in the dust barrel. The dust is left in the dust bag or barrel, and the filter through the filter air enters the motor and then passes through the motor. Flow out Filter material is generally HEPA (Hai Pa) filter, low permeability, and filtration is cleaner and safer. Heipa is a Poisson. It is a high efficiency filter. It can block the tiny dust, the efficiency reaches 99.97%, the air permeability is low, so it can be waved to increase the air permeability area and can be cleaned repeatedly. The filter material of nonwoven bag or paper bag is ideal, and it can be disposable, hygienic and convenient when used to a certain extent.


Representative model

Model   No.















Operation   Radius





Tank   Capacity






Wet,   Dry and blowing

Wet,   Dry and blowing

Wet,   Dry and blowing

Wet,   Dry and blowing


Failure and repair

When using the vacuum cleaner in shopping malls, if the following anomalies occur, you can refer to the table below and solve it yourself.



Root Case


No working

1. power plug is   not stuck on the power socket; the

2. power outlet   is not available; the

3. vacuum   cleaner's power switch button is not pressed.

1. unplug the   plug, re insert the power outlet;

2., open the   home distribution box, check the circuit breaker; 3. press the power switch   button.

Low suction

1. hose is   blocked; the rubbish in the

2. dusts is   filtered; the dust on the

3. filter is   excessive.

1. remove   obstructions;

2. clean up   rubbish in time;

3. clean up   filters frequently.

Abnormal noise

To check if the   hose, the brush head is blocked?

immediately stop   use, clear the obstruction; there are still abnormal, please contact the   after-sales department of the manufacturer to purchase the product.

Stop working   suddenly

the temperature   control motor overheat protection device is started, and the motor is   protected.

Turn off the   power switch, pull off the power plug, wait for the vacuum cleaner to cool   for 30 minutes, clean up the blockage, and then use the machine again.


If the vacuum cleaner in the mall is still not working properly, you can contact the dealer, the special repair point and the manufacturer after purchase.


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