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Cleaning method of filter in industrial vacuum cleaner
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Cleaning method of filter in industrial vacuum cleaner,carpet washer, scrubber dryer


Industrial vacuum cleaner, also known as industrial vacuum cleaner or industrial dust collector / vacuum cleaner, is used to collect waste, filter and purify air and carry out environmental cleaning in the production process of industrial workshop.

A good industrial vacuum cleaner must have a good filter system. Industrial vacuum cleaner is mainly used to separate the material and air. There are two common types in the market, single and double. For example, the filter core of dry and wet dual purpose is a single weight, and the double filter system not only has filter core but also filter bag filter system, and the general filter core filtering precision is about 10um. The filter of the industrial vacuum cleaner is an accessory that ensures that the vacuum cleaner can work under normal resistance, and the cleanliness of this accessory determines the efficiency and quality of the vacuum cleaner's work. Now let's talk about the cleaning of filters for industrial vacuum cleaners.


At present, the cleaning methods of the filter in the common industrial vacuum cleaner are divided into two kinds, such as pulse back blowing, and one kind of hand concussion. And the clean system is divided into three types of control. Manual cleaning is the mode used by the general industrial vacuum cleaner. This manual cleaning can be used to clean the filter conveniently and quickly, but as the staff can not determine whether the dust on the filter is more or less, it is not able to follow the correct time. Cleaning filters between them will cause unclean or untimely cleaning, which will affect the normal work of industrial vacuum cleaners. While regular cleaning is often used in industrial vacuum cleaner at the middle end, it is also very convenient to operate, but it is not the most effective way, because the time set by people does not accurately determine when the filter should be cleaned, if the dust is too long on the filter, it has not been cleaned yet. Then, the resistance of the vacuum cleaner will be too large and the vacuum cleaner will not work normally. Finally, the most effective and economical cleaning method is constant pressure cleaning, which is basically a clean method that only high-end industrial vacuum cleaners can use. Basically, it depends on the pressure in the filter to determine when to clean. When the pressure reaches the critical point, it will be cleaned.

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