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Characteristics of hand pressure rotary mop, spin mop
- Jun 16, 2018 -

Characteristics of hand pressure rotary mop, spin mop


Product features

1. free foot, free of charge:

Innovative patented products, free from foot dewatering barrels, no need to pedal, no need to recharge, press lightly, dehydrate quickly, just drag the mop bar.

Gently press down for about 3~6 times to ease the cleaning and dewatering of the mop.

2. retractable adjustable height of mop

Adjust the length of the mop bar according to height, so that it can save more effort and reduce back pain.

3. to prevent falls:

No need to step on foot to avoid falling from one leg alone.

4. cloth disks change freely, save money more:

The environmental protection replenish bag is designed to replace the new cloth, bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and other home environment clean.

Ten, easy to fix, no bother, save you money and save money.

5. easy move / pleasure is healthier.

The ergonomics design is used to reduce the load exertion of the hands and waist muscles.

Easy to master, quick, comfortable and healthy.

6. super soft cloth strip fiber, no trace cleaning:

Unique cloth fiber, strong clean, wear-resistant and antibacterial, will not scratch all kinds of floor or other clean surface delicate surface.

7.360 degree arbitrarily rotating mop disc design:

The mop plate can be rotated at any degree of 360 degrees, uniform cleaning, easy to go deep into any corner.

8. dry and wet dual-use, extremely clean and safe:

The new dehydrating device can control the dry and humidity of the cloth automatically, and has the effects of cleaning, dust absorption and water absorption.

More secure.



Usage method

1. First, remove the upper and lower bars of the mop and engage the card bar to ensure that the pole is forced to tighten.

2. Put the new cloth on the ground. The head of the mop head is aligned with the disc and pressed down to make a tight noise.

3, or tread on the tip of the foot to make a close sound.

4, that is, easy to complete the replacement of the cloth disc.

5. Put the mop vertically into the cleaning tank of the dewatering drum, gently move up and down to clean the cloth tray.

6. After cleaning, put the mop in the dewatering barrel and gently put it in.

7. Switch off the switch.

8, please keep the mop bar and the dewatering tank vertical, gently press up and down, and then speed up about 3-6 after starting.

9. When the dewatering tank is completely stationary, adjust the mop bar to the right height and lock the switch up, so as to complete the cleaning of the mop.


10, lower the mop bar (please turn the mop bar to the 90 degree direction of the screw, then press the pole), which is suitable for the sofa or cabinet bottom.

Cleanse the Department.



After cleaning, put the mop in the dewatering barrel and gently put it in.

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