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All Brush Of Vacuum Cleaner
- May 24, 2018 -

General vacuum cleaners will be equipped with a variety of different nozzles and brush heads to facilitate cleaning of different locations.

  1. Dual-use large suction head for carpet flooring: This type of floor brush is standard for all horizontal vacuum cleaners. The reverse side of the floor brush is a stainless steel floor brush called a metal floor. If it is a plastic, it is called a plastic floor brush. However, in fact, such brush heads are not very good for carpets and floors. Due to friction and suction, carpets are difficult to pull. It's hard to suck clean on the floor.

  2. Sofa suction: a small suction head. General vacuum cleaners will be equipped. As the name implies, it is mainly used to attract sofas. You can also use this tip for desktop and other flat surfaces. After the power is turned down, it is also good to absorb curtains. Some sofas have static red strips that are reddish, and I personally think that there is no big effect. If any lady misses the needle when she is sewing, you can also use this tool. Here's how: First, apply a cloth on the sofa, then suck it in the place where the needle dropped, and it will adsorb on the cloth. Oh. It can also be used as a reference when a person’s gold coins are messed up. Ha ha.

3. Combination suction (flat suction): It is also a small suction head. Mainly used for corner drop corners. Use this to suck the sill track is a good choice.

4. Special floor brush for wood floor: Some high-end machines in the mall will be equipped with this floor brush. There are also two kinds of bristles, one is PP hair, and the other is horse hair. PP hair, it is said that nylon is white hair, it may scratch the floor, or do not use good. The horsehair is very soft and it is very good for absorbing the floor and tile surfaces. I think it is more suitable for use in China.

5. Wind brush: also known as vibration brush in addition to the brush, or turbine brush. Mainly used to absorb carpets and mattresses. He is relying on the air volume to drive the roller brush to rotate. Rolling the brush to beat the carpet and the rake will beat out the dust and suck it away. Will enhance the vacuum effect, or a good drop.

6. Electric brush: For the above types of brushes, as long as the caliber is the same, different vacuum cleaners can be used universally, but the electric brush and the structure of the machine itself are combined together and need to be embedded in the connecting pipe, so Basically an electric brush is only suitable for a particular vacuum cleaner. His principle is to use an electric drive motor, which drives the roller brush. The effect is similar to a wind brush. The industrial vacuum cleaner sold by Qingdao Chuanyi is also equipped with a combination suction head, allowing you to achieve the desired effect in different spaces.

7. Stainless steel floor multi-functional brush: carpet floor cleaning a key to get, large pedal conversion key, do not bend when converting the brush head, convenient and effortless

8. Round-headed brush: 360° rotation for irregular surfaces Soft PP hair not only provides efficient cleaning of dust, but also protects your furniture

9. T-type brush: It is suitable for cleaning soft articles such as sheets and can also be used for sucking pets, sucking bedding, etc.

10. Special wiper: It is used to clean the residual water of the glass wall or floor and efficiently suck the sewage into the dust bucket of the vacuum cleaner.

11. Special hair dryer mouth: It can be used to dry pet hair, but also can be used to blow balloons, lifebuoys and so on.

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